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Anyone Going To Slane..
# 1 : Friday 27-8-2004 @ 09:16
Anyone here going to Slane on Sunday?

I went up to Slane with my friend on Wednesday.
We wore our Madonna t-shirts, and i swear the amount of dirty looks we got from old biddies was so funny!!

The atmosphere there is cool.
Someone has "Madge will you marry me" written on their roof!!!
Its kind of confusing though cause there are 2 gates into the castle, thing is which one do you use to get in?

Am soooo excited about seeing her now.

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# 2 : Friday 27-8-2004 @ 09:53
no way am i going to a pop concert in slane!!!! crap line up crap headliner, why would u go, she hasnt even sold 2/3 of the tickets, every other slane was sold out in a day
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# 3 : Friday 27-8-2004 @ 10:03
Who else is playing? I heard Paul Oakenfold and Iggy Pop - is that all?
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# 4 : Friday 27-8-2004 @ 10:41
yep, it starts at 5 or something, every other yr it started at 1 n there was savage bands playing, iggy pop has 1 good song, paul okenfold is good but he would be more suited to creamfield rather than slane. very disapointed this yr,
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# 5 : Friday 27-8-2004 @ 10:46
I'm going, though my enthusiasm has wained since I originally decided to go. But I think it'll be fun.
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# 6 : Friday 27-8-2004 @ 10:49
yea as fun as getting ur teeth pulled
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# 7 : Friday 27-8-2004 @ 10:52
I'd only go to Slane if Madonna invited me backstage for a full-on steamy sexy romp in between sets!!! Again!!!

But em no. Not paying €88 for a ticket to anything other than another destination.
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# 8 : Friday 27-8-2004 @ 10:57
One of her backing dancers will do for me.
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# 9 : Friday 27-8-2004 @ 11:07
Why have hamburger when you can have steak!
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# 10 : Friday 27-8-2004 @ 11:26
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# 11 : Friday 27-8-2004 @ 11:30
Seánie knows the score!!! But I do love Madonna. She is dead sexy (if her hubby made a movie about me: snatchamatta) and a top class singer. If I had €88 to spare then maybe yeah but only to see her. I hate shit backing groups. I (unfortunately saw Duran Duran with my ex this year and the backing group Goldfrapp were pure shite. IMO)
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# 12 : Friday 27-8-2004 @ 11:37
Well apparently its "95%" sold now.

I don't really fancy standing in a field to see her either but hey if it has to be done.

F*ck the support acts, like who is really going to see Paul Oakenfold and Igggy whatever?
Wish there was no support acts at it.
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# 13 : Friday 27-8-2004 @ 11:48
u havent a clue then about concerts do u!! supports acts get the crowd going and buzzing, what u like to arrive in slane at nine and leave at 11 when the 1 artest has played, yea right get a life!!
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# 14 : Friday 27-8-2004 @ 11:55
getta minicall seánie.
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# 15 : Friday 27-8-2004 @ 12:07
Well sorry.

You know what some people on this thing are so f*cking rude.

She did'nt have any support acts in London and believe me the crowd did'nt need any livening up.
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