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Brian McFadden
# 1 : Monday 30-8-2004 @ 16:22
The media seem to think that Brian McFadden is oh so sexy now that he's lost weight but if a guy has a cute face does it make a massive differance if he's a bit soft? Or is flab on a youngish guy just a total turn off?
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# 2 : Monday 30-8-2004 @ 16:27
I love his wife. Amen.
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# 3 : Monday 30-8-2004 @ 16:29
He just looks ordinary now. Another skinny clone with too regular features.
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# 4 : Monday 30-8-2004 @ 16:32
He looks a hell of a lot better than he used to. The scuffy longer hair softens his piggy features. Dr. G has done trojan work with him and Kerry. She looks the same in my estimation.
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# 5 : Monday 30-8-2004 @ 16:33

He looks way better !
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# 6 : Monday 30-8-2004 @ 16:44
So you all agree that young guys look better slimmed down and flabless?
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# 7 : Monday 30-8-2004 @ 16:55
I agree McFadden looks better. Not saying anything about the rest of the population.
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# 8 : Monday 30-8-2004 @ 19:07
Crazy88 I'm sure there was a compliment in there somewhere "The scruffy longer hair softens his piggy features"
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# 9 : Monday 30-8-2004 @ 20:14
There was a story in one of the Sunday Papers last week where he was saying that he didn’t like going out on the Gay Scene in London because people were calling him fatty. On one occasion he burst into tears and left the venue because apparently he is not popular with the gay community. With stories like that I wonder why?
Gay people have fought long and hard to achieve some semblance of equality and to have this sort of fluffy bollix being presented as the token gay story in a paper is nothing short of offensive. Would someone shoot this prick? Please?
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# 10 : Monday 30-8-2004 @ 20:35
Is he not the intellectual giant who complained that his wife Norma Snockers couldn't get TV work while pregnant by saying that they even let people like Brian Dowling on telly, so why not a pregnant pram face?

Well, OK, they were not his words, but his sentiments.

He can't even spell his name. Not generally a good sign.

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# 11 : Monday 30-8-2004 @ 20:39
ooops I'm thinking of the wrong person entirely. Brian of Big Brother fame etc.
Apologies. Edit at will please mods?
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# 12 : Tuesday 31-8-2004 @ 10:19
oh dont apologise..Bryan McFadden. Brian Dowling, Brian Ormonde...all due to appear on the Where are They now section of Never Mind the Buzzcocks to be aired in Autumn 2005..or make their cameo appearance on The Lyrics Board.."My name is Brian and I'm a failed Artiste..", which one is tellling the truth...Linda, Linda I know..its all of them..!!!
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# 13 : Tuesday 31-8-2004 @ 10:26
ewww Brian Ormond! Thanks for reminding me Cutie. What an UG BUG! I saw him one time in Arnotts, during his time on euro star or whatever that tripe is called. He was buying loads of awful clothes, thought he was the bees knees!
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# 14 : Tuesday 31-8-2004 @ 16:10
brian mcfadden does look way better now that he lost weight but i hate it when he smiles-his teeth are tiny and he's got these HUGE gums that turn my poor tummy!!
Brian dowling not so annoying, brian ormand-first class z-lister/loser
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# 15 : Tuesday 31-8-2004 @ 16:13
I think he looks kind of sexy now - not like the card-board cut out that he used to be!
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