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Zulus Has Moved....
# 1 : Tuesday 21-9-2004 @ 10:04
Morning everyone
forgive me if someone already told ye but zulus bar has moved to Salthill (the same building as Tribes)
hope to see ye there sometime
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# 2 : Tuesday 21-9-2004 @ 11:08
Its just across the street from me now - must check it out when I get back.
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# 3 : Tuesday 21-9-2004 @ 15:31
Whats the new venue like?
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# 4 : Tuesday 21-9-2004 @ 15:41
ah no! zulus was so cozy. i loved the atmoshpere of that place (been there a wopping twice - but still)....

wheres it gone? out on salt hill? the place that lets you buy a drink 2 minutes before they start throwing people out and guards come in to ensure you do leave?

come to think of it though... galways is meant to have a really good scene right?
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# 5 : Wednesday 29-9-2004 @ 11:07
well hey there
It was quiet enough there yesterday but Strano was jumping- pluto crowd are back!!
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# 6 : Sunday 13-2-2005 @ 22:51
Gay couple coming again to Galway next month. Sorry but we are confused. Are there no gay bars left in Galway City? I heard that Zulu's moved to Salthill and that Strano's has closed. If this is all correct, I am feeling a tad depressed. Any reply appreciated.
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# 7 : Monday 21-2-2005 @ 18:55
Yep, all the gay places have closed down, but Cobblers is reportedly re-opening as a gay venue this saturday (the 25th). bars such as The Living Room, The Blue Note and Massimo are also gay friendly. Theres also talk of a new bar/club opening in galway city soon, so fear not, the scene isnt dead just yet
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# 8 : Tuesday 22-2-2005 @ 19:42
Thank's for thet. Where in Galway is cobblers. I'm a Galwegian (not many around) and found the Gay scene in city very clicquy (? misspelt, a web of gossip.,and Generally not as friendly as Dublin. I hope there is going to be a new venue soon as Galway deserves it. There was talk of a new Gay bar 2 years ago, but this never materalised.
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# 9 : Tuesday 22-2-2005 @ 19:46
Cobblers can be found at 2 Henry street.
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