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In Love
# 1 : Wednesday 1-12-2004 @ 10:34
How do u know ur in love with someone?

I assume its having them in your head all the time... dreaming of them, not being able to see one fault with them?
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# 2 : Wednesday 1-12-2004 @ 10:35
Something like that I am sure, never been there before myself. Are you telling us you're in love hero?
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# 3 : Wednesday 1-12-2004 @ 10:48
its hard to actually describe the way you feel, but your right about a few things. i suppose its the feeling of not being complete without that other person. wanting to involve them in everything you do, to share the ups and downs with, the good times and the bad. wanting to make them feel special all the time and to protect them. aching for them when they are away, counting down the seconds till they return. thinking there gods gift and knowing they feel the same about you.
but then these are the things you feel when your falling in love, after a while things change, but not in a bad way. the honeymoon period is over and you settle into a comfortable relationship, you stop worrying about things and start working better together, you know your partner inside out and know what to do/say and what not to, there are less arguments and you no longer worry about the outcome of a fight because you know you can just talk it through.
oh i dont realy know i suppose love feels like finally putting the last piece of a puzzle in place
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# 4 : Wednesday 1-12-2004 @ 10:50
The age old question.

Time usually tells.
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# 5 : Wednesday 1-12-2004 @ 10:54
Oh Loosey, you old romantic, that made me want to Awwww!!

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# 6 : Wednesday 1-12-2004 @ 10:54
Dont worry mate you`ll know, when you have a big smile on your face, your glowing like a f**king ready brek kid & you have a warm buzz feeling, your in love
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# 7 : Wednesday 1-12-2004 @ 11:01
u have mail marcel....

i guess time will tell
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# 8 : Wednesday 1-12-2004 @ 17:16
I think you just 'know', something kicks in, feels right, things make sense
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# 9 : Wednesday 1-12-2004 @ 17:18
No you are wrong Hero, part of being in love with someone is seeing the faults in that person and loving them anyway.
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# 10 : Sunday 4-12-2005 @ 12:01
wow! loosey!!! that was a VERY good take on what love is! Am impressed
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# 11 : Sunday 4-12-2005 @ 12:05
yes loosey.indeed maybe i should take lessons from you.
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# 12 : Sunday 4-12-2005 @ 13:36
maddylicious,i have concluded,is a very slow reader.
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# 13 : Sunday 4-12-2005 @ 13:39
no maddylicious was bored and went looking through the archives for something that interested her! And being a romantic this post did just that!
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# 14 : Monday 5-12-2005 @ 00:04

ive been debating all week (with myself!?) about whether ive fallen for this girl i know or not, and concluded that im kinda in denial about being in love with her!

after reading this thread tho ive too many symptoms of being in love lol!

dunno whether its a good thing or a bad thing tho, esp cos the girl doesnt know i feel that way!

....think ill go back into denial!!!
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# 15 : Monday 5-12-2005 @ 00:09
would love to say something but already been slapped for replying to out of date threads

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