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What Radio Do You Listen To In The Morning?
# 1 : Sunday 5-12-2004 @ 13:51
Hi don't know if this will come to much. Which of the following Radio gets you through the morning at work and why...this is not exclusive to
Tubridy v Dempsey and D'Arcy v Ryan. Interested to hear from those listening to local radio...quirky stories etc. Only a bit of fun
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# 2 : Sunday 5-12-2004 @ 14:05
Breakfast express on Spin1038. They are so funny. Great listening while stuck on the bus on the way to college. Used to listen to the morning show sometimes on Newstalk with David McWilliams, but then Dunphy came in so I stopped. Wouldnt really listen to the national stations in the morning (or ever really)
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# 3 : Sunday 5-12-2004 @ 14:58
On my way to work I mostly listen to Winamp.
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# 4 : Sunday 5-12-2004 @ 14:59
Morning Ireland. Up to the minute domestic and international news. Too much AA Roadwatch and sport sometimes, though. It's still a great radio show. They celebrated their 20th anniversary recently.

Is there a morning show that doesn't do traffic reports?
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# 5 : Sunday 5-12-2004 @ 15:04
I always listened to Phantom FM, before they went off air. They have now won the new Alternative Rock license for Dublin, so hopefully will be back on in the near future.
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# 6 : Sunday 5-12-2004 @ 15:36
BBC London 94.9 FM from about 6.30 am onwards
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# 7 : Sunday 5-12-2004 @ 15:45
Same as Wheelie, an institution!!!

Miss David Hanley on it though

Don't listen to any other station much after that!!
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# 8 : Sunday 5-12-2004 @ 19:47
I usually listen to my own radio
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# 9 : Friday 3-12-2004 @ 19:59
Today FM mainly, AM Kelly & Ian Dempsey

I've gotten into the habit of listening to them while I walk, manily becuase I couldn't be bothered loading songs on to mp3 player...
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# 10 : Sunday 5-12-2004 @ 19:59
Have to say i love morning ireland too. Miss David Hanely too... was kinda of like what i imagined Mr. Claus to sound like.

But when Marian and that Kenny Fella come on air i switch off very very quickly.
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# 11 : Sunday 5-12-2004 @ 20:05
I listen to AM Kelly too. Ian Dempsey is on too late for me.
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# 12 : Sunday 5-12-2004 @ 21:28
tubridy and dempsey.who is this "miss david hanley"?unusual for a lady to have a mans name.
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# 13 : Sunday 5-12-2004 @ 21:34
lol Butters

Have to say I'm fairly conventional and lsiten to Morning Ireland
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# 14 : Sunday 5-12-2004 @ 23:19
My clock radio comes to life with Maxi on Radio 1 around 6.45, up and about round 7'ish to Morning Ireland for all the "serious stuff", then Wake up to Wogan(BBC Radio 2) in the car on the way to work....on the way home its "5-7 live" or whatever CD i'm into at the minute !!!
On Saturdays, Mooney Goes Wild
Sundays "Mo Ceol Thu" le Ciaran McMathuna, and finally my favourite on the radio Carrie Crowley's "Snapshots" Sunday RTE 1
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# 15 : Friday 3-12-2004 @ 08:23
Did anyone hear Today Fm's Roy Keane singing "A Spaceman came travelling"

parts of it made me snigger, and I got strange looks over it as I walked the streets of cork!
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