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# 1 : Tuesday 7-12-2004 @ 16:05
What has happened to Gaire? This has to be the dullest day in the history of this site? Where are the lively intelligent discussions? Where are the insightful and dynamic points of view? And what about the entertaining squabbles between dullards.

For Gaire's sake can no one save this site?
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# 2 : Tuesday 7-12-2004 @ 16:07
Students studying for exams??
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# 3 : Tuesday 7-12-2004 @ 16:08
My thoughts exactly Pol..

I asked someone the same question earlier...

Do you think it has anything to do with the overly sensitive nature of people these days or the limit of 25 posts per day ???
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# 4 : Tuesday 7-12-2004 @ 16:09
Really there was a when the adverage age on Gaire was in between 25 - 40 professional people who loked to mess around while at work? where have they all gone?

maybe lovelace, maybe...
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# 5 : Tuesday 7-12-2004 @ 16:12
It does seem a little bit YAWN! lately, maybe we only have ourselves to blame!
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# 6 : Tuesday 7-12-2004 @ 16:13
God I hope not...

We need people to be able to say what they think and people not to take things personally, just cos we all have different opinions, but we do need to get the boards open again, and for people to post whatever they feel apt...
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# 7 : Tuesday 7-12-2004 @ 16:14
im too busy preparing for the skating to be posting
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# 8 : Tuesday 7-12-2004 @ 16:15
Well, I was at a major work related meeting all day - busy, busy, busy here!!
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# 9 : Tuesday 7-12-2004 @ 16:15
probably polio!

Look at this! the Bosco thread is the most interesting one on the site today! what does that say about us!??!
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# 10 : Tuesday 7-12-2004 @ 16:17
Hey Pol,
Don't start picking on the Bosco thread!!

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# 11 : Tuesday 7-12-2004 @ 16:17
Loosey, that pic is excellent, you are one funny fellow.
I am having trouble with the site recently. I am not sure whether the IT nerds are trying to ruin my life of what. Sometimes I cannot get into the site, and others it's really slow.
Not that any of my posts are intelligent, interesting or insightful anyway.
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# 12 : Tuesday 7-12-2004 @ 16:39
Wanking at work Just kidding I have been preparing a report all day.
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# 13 : Tuesday 7-12-2004 @ 16:49
Loosey, that pic is just brilliant! Red and silver is sooooo you!!

A bit like operation freeflow, the post limit has deffo affected my spontaneity, not that that means that Gaire is losing out on any depth or insightfulness because of that I try to make sure that I don't use my posts up and then I can't join in if something hot starts later in the day. This is all quite mad, on my part, as my November total didn't even average at 25 per day
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# 14 : Tuesday 7-12-2004 @ 16:50
well im in the chat room with 3 gay ment who are trying to organise a meet, though i dont think its the type i usually go for!
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# 15 : Tuesday 7-12-2004 @ 16:55
December is a busy month, however you are all saved now, I got my internet connection fixed so am back online so prepare for more intelligent discussion
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