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Horse Racing Tip For TODAY...
# 46 : Saturday 26-4-2008 @ 19:27
there was 25 i think that started
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# 47 : Saturday 26-4-2008 @ 19:28
No problem then.
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# 48 : Saturday 26-4-2008 @ 19:52
Tks Flamey so out of 3 horsies i had a winner and a third cool.I love hindsight,why did i not put 50 on the silly things!!!.Ah well 1 euro each way i,ll get my money back with some extra winner was 11/4 and 3rd placed was 33/1 and when i win the lotto i might just raffle off my betting slip for charity
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# 49 : Saturday 26-4-2008 @ 21:40
You will get about €9 back on the Each Way
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# 50 : Sunday 27-4-2008 @ 15:02
got 14.80 back on a 4 euro bet so i,m happy
The odds on favorite must have gone down
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# 51 : Saturday 7-6-2008 @ 15:29
Just wondered does anyone have tips for the Derby today.thinking of King of Rome trained by Aidan O'Brien riden by J Murtagh(my sis and ma went to rome yesterday so am thinking its an omen
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# 52 : Saturday 7-6-2008 @ 19:54
He didn't win Jackeen.Shag the omen business.
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# 53 : Sunday 8-6-2008 @ 00:32
do the omerta business,wake up with a nags head in your bed.
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# 54 : Sunday 8-6-2008 @ 00:40
@ butters leave my god father alone, he says he didn't do it, so one has to assume he didn't.
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# 55 : Sunday 8-6-2008 @ 05:57
Yeah Mr Starlight.Damm another 2 euro down the toilet!!!!
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# 56 : Wednesday 22-10-2008 @ 20:27
A way to beat the recession. lol
The greatest horse-racing event in the world takes place this Friday and Saturday night in Santa Anita California.
Prize money in excess of $25 million dollars.


Worth a flutter.
Here is my tips for Friday and Saturday evening.


8.35pm Indian Blessing win = Intangaroo e/w
9.15pm Sugar Moon win = Freedom Rings e/w
9.55pm Stardom Bound win = Palacio De Amor e/w
10.35pm Folk Opera win = Mauralakana e/w
11.15pm Zenyatta win = Carriage Trail e/w


6.15pm Sixties Icon win = Church Service e/w
6.50pm Salute The Count win
7.30pm My Pal Charlie win = Surf Cat e/w
8.15pm Goldikova win = Thorn Song e/w
8.55pm Street Hero win = Midshipman e/w
9.35pm Relatively Ready win = Donativum e/w
10.15pm Street Boss win = Black Seventeen e/w
11.00pm Conduit win = Better Talk Now e/w
11.45pm Curlin win = Colonel John e/w

Have made lot money over the years on this meeting.
Time to beat the recession, what recession.
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# 57 : Thursday 23-10-2008 @ 10:00
If you have to back one horse, back Curlin. Save whatever money you were going to bet on the preceding races and lump it all on him. Best horse in the world. Will not be beaten.
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# 58 : Thursday 23-10-2008 @ 10:02
Someone said :
If you have to back one horse, back Curlin. Save whatever money you were going to bet on the preceding races and lump it all on him. Best horse in the world. Will not be beaten.

What are the odds like and where's he racing/what time?
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# 59 : Thursday 23-10-2008 @ 10:05
http://www.sportinglife.com/racing/racecards/special_racecard/rac etc ...

All your answers are here and the time is mentioned in Maltese's post above.

I guarantee his victory.
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# 60 : Sunday 26-10-2008 @ 01:10
What a successful breeders cup meeting.
Cant wait till next year.
Layed out €400 two days of racing.

As JP Mc Manus would say play with the bookies money.

Had four losses first night. And two winners and a second.
Stardom Bound 13/8
Zenyatta 7/4
Church Service e/w at 14/1

Day two

Goldikava win at 9/4
Midshipman win at 5/1
Donativum win at 11/2
Conduit win at 7/2

Yeah as Sash said the banker Curlin.
Was a no hoper. As backed Curlin.

The dark crow did the business for me with single extra bet.
Ravens Pass €200 at 8/1 ...........sorry Curlin.

What great breeders cup meeting.
And now the say they have gay horses.
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