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Whats Your Poison,,
# 1 : Wednesday 15-12-2004 @ 19:46
So what do you peeps like to get hammered on?

I'll try keep note for when i meet you all at a gaire meet at some point in the future.

Well for me its usually bottles of cider if im just in a pub.. but if im heading clubbing it's gotta be a half bottle of vodka mixed with west coast cooler in te house while getting ready and then bottles of miller in the club.. and also the odd shot of sambuka, which i always regret the next day

So what's your poison?
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# 2 : Wednesday 15-12-2004 @ 19:50
Nothing can beat the sheer simple sophistication of sparkling water, and at the frontal blasts can also supply the burlesque if required.
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# 3 : Wednesday 15-12-2004 @ 19:52
Jesus Pixie, you must have a great tollerance level.

Used to be mad on the guinness but started getting black outs (how apt) if i had more than 7 or 8

So i am on cider at the moment but its not that great on the stomach (or the belly) and jameson to finish on

Hate Vodka and red bull, feel so knackered and awake at the same time after a night of them.
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# 4 : Wednesday 15-12-2004 @ 20:01
Yea i guess i kinda do all right but i do plenty of swaying after my vodka

Yea cider aint too good for the stomach.. im just waiting for it to catch up on me.

Yea i know what you mean about vodka and red bull.. i feel the same as you after a night out drinking it... and hella broke.
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# 5 : Wednesday 15-12-2004 @ 20:08
So, what really is the point here?
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# 6 : Wednesday 15-12-2004 @ 20:12
I'm guesing the poster is askin a relatively simple question but obvisouly ur bored so u gotta have a go at the thread?

Thats the point i'm gettin ....anyway..maybe u see it differently?
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# 7 : Wednesday 15-12-2004 @ 20:13
Oh why thank you for that shaggles...now where was I oh yes, what IS the point though?
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# 8 : Wednesday 15-12-2004 @ 20:14
No real point.. but then again neither do plenty of other threads that i stumble across everyday
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# 9 : Wednesday 15-12-2004 @ 20:17
You Do have a point...and then there is ALWAYS the day after...truth is always the honest option I find, unnecessary to do the in vino veritas thing when one should already be on display.
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# 10 : Wednesday 15-12-2004 @ 20:18
Mine's pints of miller. I try and not mix my drink (i.e beer and shorts). I end up doing some really loopy things when I do!
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# 11 : Wednesday 15-12-2004 @ 20:18
For me its got to be Coors Light if I'm just having a few pints (used to drink Heineken but Coors has half the calories!)

If I'm on a night out I'll progress on to vodka, usually with 7UP, and occasionally Red Bull. I've also been known to top up a pint of lager with Red Bull which is quite nice believe it or not!

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# 12 : Wednesday 15-12-2004 @ 20:19
What perfumed stools the day after I would imagine.
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# 13 : Wednesday 15-12-2004 @ 20:39
Perhaps he'll save you one next time Sidhbhra so that you don't have to imagine any more.
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# 14 : Wednesday 15-12-2004 @ 20:51
Yes. Can he pop it in a small Tupperware...delectable finger food.
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# 15 : Wednesday 15-12-2004 @ 20:53
It might need a large Tupperware if he has a kebab after the pub.
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