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Over Weight Girls In Mini Skirts And Belly Tops.
# 1 : Wednesday 15-12-2004 @ 21:18
Happyhead - Comb overs were a seventies thing and I think that people who make a joke them nowadays are trying to make a joke out of bald guys full stop.

Polomintz - I'm certainly not trying to make a joke out of bald people. I'm trying to make a joke out of comb overs because they are ridiculous.

Happyhead - So is mini skirts and belly tops on very over weight girls, get the drift?

Polomintz - Yeah they are ridiculous too, feel free to start a thread, this one is about comb overs though "happy".

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# 2 : Wednesday 15-12-2004 @ 21:26
belly tops and mini skirts on overweight girls with comb overs are just so ridiculous,makes one question the whole validity of the astethics of what we call beauty,in a bumgarden,placemat arishole kind of way,dont you think,dahlink.
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# 3 : Wednesday 15-12-2004 @ 23:43
Oh Butters, you make my day and you crack me up.
I love you.

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# 4 : Wednesday 15-12-2004 @ 23:55
And Happy, I love you equally
But I disagree. ( * Happy: * )
I see the angle that you're coming from. There's nothing wrong with baldness - that's a separate issue(and perhaps a topic of a new thread).
The mini-skirts/belly tops comparison is a bit flawed? Cos they can look good on a good figure.
But comb-overs NEVER look good.
* feels that a new thread on baldness-v-loads of hair will be on the horizon by the time I log in tomorrow! *

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# 5 : Thursday 16-12-2004 @ 11:15
i dotn see a problem with overweight girls in belly tops and mini skirts- well ive seen overweight girls wearing mini skirts, but never belly tops..
anyway, if they feel good and dont care what other people think then so be it!! sometimes i do see an overweight girl wearing something revealing and do often think to myself "fair fucks to her" cos ive issues with my weight and how i look and theres certain things that i wont wear for fear of being judged by others-which i know is stupid but when i see someone twice my size who is dressing the way they want, regardless of what other people think- i have alot of respect and admiration for them
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# 6 : Thursday 16-12-2004 @ 11:19
well said, anyone weather male or female who wears what they want no matter of their size and dosnt give a shit about what people think are to be admired in my books, who the fuck are we to tell people what or what not to wear, what a shower of shallow bastards
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# 7 : Thursday 16-12-2004 @ 11:24
Watch Little Britian. Its on Friday night at 9.30pm (i think)
Matt lucas created a great character who is a complete chav and roller blades around a concil estate chewing gum and wearing a pair of hot pants and a boob tube. its gotta be seen to be appreciated!
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# 8 : Thursday 16-12-2004 @ 11:27
Maddy...are you mad.. you are a beautifull tall woman who could wear anything and look well...f*ck what anyone else thinks if you want to wear something wear it...
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# 9 : Thursday 16-12-2004 @ 11:28
who the fuck are we to tell people what or what not to wear, what a shower of shallow bastards
Yea.. its like theres some unofficial standard that we all have to live up to.. but says who? and why? because of the way our society praises all that which is deemed beautiful.. models, actors, popstars- all have to be of a certain standard of beauty.. in all the magazines you pick up its all about "how to lose 2 stone in a month" or "how to make yourself look like your favourite movies star".. its bullshit.. why people feel they need to constantly compare themselves and others to those in the public eye who've been put up on pedastals is beyond me...
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# 10 : Thursday 16-12-2004 @ 11:29
CTD I have ordered the Little Britain first season from play for £13 - can't wait
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# 11 : Thursday 16-12-2004 @ 12:00
I actually disagree with most of your comments. I think many are flawed in the reasoning behind them, due to own personal experiences, biases, gender differences. I think the majority of tennage/early adult Girls(of the WERSTERN CAPITALIST Societies) don't wear what they like regardless of what other people think, girls often wear what they think other girls want them to wear. Another way of thinking is that girls have two options. THey can actively be influenced in their choice of clothing, eg I want wear this because X wears this, or they can say I want to wear this because I want to wear this. But the fact is that what we want to wear even if we think we have chosen it on our own initative is influenced by society. Thus we do not have the ability to wear what we want as we are social beings. WE are influenced but not determined by the social structures around us. Thus in theory we could wear something not from the other two options(1. Active socialisation, Passive socialisation) But this is not an argument that is made when one says I wear what I want to wear regardless of other people. If you made this argument then you have not grasped the main concepts of socialisation and sociology of consumption. Its social. It's exactly like girls who want to lose weight, they dont want to lose weight because guys are telling them they are fat(guys are not telling them this on a level that is equal to girls), they want to lose weight primarily beacuse of what other girls say. Girls are often each others enemy, saying the most hurtful and cruelist things possible to each other in a way to make them feel better in a society that has placed so many pressures on them. Please I have nothing against girls or otherwise. Just I think most people who have commented on overweight girls wearing belly tops have praised these girls for their confidence. It also a belief in pyschology that some girls who appear to be happy with their weight(usually very overweight) who have an extrovert personality that many would descripe as BUBBEY and SUPER FUNLOVING are often the most self conscious about their weight( this can be seen in most discourse analysis.......'I dont care about my weight' 'I like the way I am' I dont care what other people say about me'. The fact is we do, our level of self confidence determines how we deal with these issues. If we are happy in ourselves and have a healthy relationship with ourselves then we will acknowledge it in a way that is not defensive. If we do not trust ourselves then we can act in a number of ways, change ourselves to suit the group, rebell, become defensive outright or more sutlely by claiming not to care what other people think. The fact you say you dont care incidates that you do care alot. Those that are interested in what other people think but are not determined by it usually do not disclaim to the world this fact of not caring waht other people think.

I guess what I am saying is that most girls are socialised to such an extent that they would not be able to wear what they want regardless of either they are slim, average, fat etc. They ahve been socialised by society and most importantly by friends and their peers.
It is also a vicious cirlce. Overweight girls wear what they see their role models( slim girls) wearing. Then when they do, they are often subjected to ridicule by their peers(mostly girls) and this effects their confidence, in turn they wear even more revealing clothes to feel sexy. In other cases its a type of rerbellion and this is a form of what other people think. As you would not be able to rebell if you did not care what other people think. Its all very complex and it does not help that people think in the most irrational ways possible.

Anyways back to the topic. We are all human, we like take pleasure in looking at nice things(well I hope we do), it is not nice to see fat overflowing from anyone (unless you have a fetish for that). However that does not mean that overweight girls should not wear tight tops and minis. What it does mean is that these girls should WEAR clothes that fit them, in this case the fat would not be overflowing over the waist band. The fundamental rule in Haute Conture is to design a garment that fits the person who is intented to wesr it. It flatters the body, and is comfortable to wear once you remove some of the threatrical items that Haute Conture produces for the catwalks.

This word of advice works for everyone. I was in college last week, and there was this girl I say she was a size 10, and her body was very very toned, but her jeans where too tight.She had fat hanging out. and she didnt have any aft on her. Her jeans eat into her tiny flesh. If she wore jeans that fit this would not have happenened.

Anyways I am open to other peoples comments.

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# 12 : Thursday 16-12-2004 @ 12:15
That reminds me of the ad on the radio for the Square in Tallaght.
It basically two girls ridiculing and sneering at another..

The "looking good" one, anyone know the ad i'm talking about.

Anyway, its disgraceful and only encourages kids to partake in taking the piss out of each other because of the clothes they wear
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# 13 : Thursday 16-12-2004 @ 12:27
I actually disagree with most of your comments. Girls don't wear what they like regardless of what other people think, girls often wear what they think other girls want them to wear
Cutedub i never went as far to make a generalisation and assume that all girls wear what they like regardless of what others think- i said some large girls do, and for them i have respect and what you said about girls wearing what they think other girls want them to wear is bullshit-im a girl and i know what im talking about, trust me.
Oh and nobody mentioned the fact that these were miniskirts/belly tops that didnt fit them-ok you do see alot of large girls wearing tight clothes but some large girls do wear belly tops and skirts etc that fit them, not just tight clothes that cause "flab" to hang out... i think you're assuming that everyone fits into a category that rules how they wear their clothes and why,when really it doesnt work that way and that all depends on the individual.
If a girl wants to lose weight she should do it for herself- to feel healthy and to know that shes physically at her best, not to meet societies demands or to lose weight because "other girls want them to"... god, such bs!!
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# 14 : Thursday 16-12-2004 @ 12:37
"Ah thats not very nice, shame on you, using fat people as material for your jokes, shame on me for laughing when people do make jokes, but i only laugh when the person dresses in such away that makes it unpleasant to look at, whats with girls having their bellies hanging out, or spare tyres worsened by clinging skin tight tops. Or guys with tight t/shirts". Interesting previous post of yours Cutedub and you seem to have a rather obsessive fascination with jeans and flab..hmm. But er, "I've nothing against girls" which is comforting to know. And you DO like your jeans don't you?
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# 15 : Thursday 16-12-2004 @ 12:42
you must be all drop dead gorgeous to be giving opinions on how others dress and look, a fine collection of oil paintings, im just wondering why you dont all put a picture of yourselves in your profile, maybe your all just sick of the daily compliments you recieve
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