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Wonder Woman
# 1 : Friday 17-12-2004 @ 13:16
Wasn't this supposed to be amde into a movie?

Who do you think would be best to play her?

I think Chyna - remember her from wrestling?

I'm sure there is images somewhere but too lazy to look.
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# 2 : Friday 17-12-2004 @ 13:26
I thought Sandra Bullock was tipped for the role a few years back but the plan for a movie seemed to sink without trace.

The role of WW would have to be played by a strong, but sassy brunette.
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# 3 : Friday 17-12-2004 @ 13:30
it has to be catz dosnt it! with her magic whip that makes you tell the truth and her bullet deflecting bracelets
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# 4 : Friday 17-12-2004 @ 13:57
My tip would have to be Rosie O'Donnell. She would have the cojones to do the spinnamajig!!
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# 5 : Friday 17-12-2004 @ 13:58
i heard buffy wanted to play her
and then beyonce was interested
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# 6 : Friday 17-12-2004 @ 14:00
Can't see SMG or Beyonce in the role. I'd have to say Chyna, looks wise, would fit the part. I do remember seeing her in the wonder woman outfit somewhere on TV but I thought that was just an outfit for some awards ceremony?!?!
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# 7 : Friday 17-12-2004 @ 14:04
I think the best person for the role has to be our own "Tisi"
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# 8 : Friday 17-12-2004 @ 14:05
its still up in the air. Joel Schmacher is still working on the script and latest news on the project was in june 04..Mandy Moore was linked with the part. Chyna is a terrible actress and would unlikely be considered. Shes back to being an unknown again.
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# 9 : Friday 17-12-2004 @ 14:17
Vicky Pollard from 'Little Britain' is my choice
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# 10 : Friday 17-12-2004 @ 14:17
There's only one Wonder Woman the delectable Linda Carter!!!!

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# 11 : Friday 17-12-2004 @ 15:00
You're my wonder woman Ery!! *blushing*
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# 12 : Saturday 1-12-2007 @ 01:10
This apparently/probably is the new wonder woman in the up and coming justice league film.
She certainly looks the part

(From aintitcool)
That's Megan Gale, an Australian Supermodel... And I'm here to say that I've had multiple independent sources within Warner Bros and unnamed agencies confirm this casting.
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# 13 : Saturday 1-12-2007 @ 01:19
WOW!!! shes stunning!!! shed make a great wonder woman.well as long as shes a good actress that is. mind you,lookng back,lynda carter was a shit actress but she still managed to do well from it!
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# 14 : Saturday 1-12-2007 @ 01:41
well aslong as she can act and looks good in her outfit who cares.
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# 15 : Saturday 1-12-2007 @ 08:54
I recently say lynda carter in smallville. although the part was a small one, I thought it kinda cool that all the past superheros got a cameo in the series.

She's still looking good in my book. Wonder if she'll get a cameo in the movie? Maybe ww mother...or something.
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