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The Long Process Of Coming Out
# 61 : Friday 21-1-2005 @ 16:29
How long did it take your parents to accept? mine are still are not re-acting to well to the news. Its not been easy at all
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# 62 : Friday 21-1-2005 @ 16:36
they'll come around.. it just takes time...
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# 63 : Friday 21-1-2005 @ 16:38
A few years Shebeen. I didn't go home for a year of it.

Its the old adage. Time heals and the more you talk to them about it the more they understand.

Perhaps they have just had a few weeks to question it even more and with you not at home to reassure them that you are ok, their imaginations are running away with themselves!

Are there problems?
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# 64 : Friday 21-1-2005 @ 16:39
yeah when isn't there problems is a harder question to answer
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# 65 : Friday 21-1-2005 @ 16:41
Sheebs - In the long run, if they can see you are Happy and at ease with yourself it will put their minds at rest.

Reassure them that you've never been happier and your even happier now that they know because you finally free to be who you want to be.
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# 66 : Friday 21-1-2005 @ 16:43
Everyone keeps saying it takes time and i know it does but its just so hard when you feel like you are doing something wrong because of their reaction. I hope they come around
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# 67 : Friday 21-1-2005 @ 16:44
I'm sure they will Sheebeen .
In the meantime you try to get on with enjoying life! Its your life to live not theirs!
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# 68 : Friday 21-1-2005 @ 16:46
if only it was that easy
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# 69 : Friday 21-1-2005 @ 16:46
Sheeben...Dont forget you are not on your own, you have a great GF there to help you along the way...
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# 70 : Friday 21-1-2005 @ 16:48
and the rest of us love you to bits and there are so many people on gaire who will always be here if you need to talk or just have a rant
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# 71 : Friday 21-1-2005 @ 16:56
thanks you guys, its just worse because it my bday soon and i have to go home for it and gf wont be able to come because of family
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# 72 : Friday 21-1-2005 @ 16:59
well who says your gf cant come back to your house? if shes not welcome then maybe you should tell your parents that you'd prefer to spend your bday with your gf..
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# 73 : Friday 21-1-2005 @ 17:01
Yeah exactly, why do you have to go home for your birthday? If they can't accept you and you feel uncomfortable at home then surely you don't want to be there.
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# 74 : Friday 21-1-2005 @ 17:04
I have experience of this Shebeen. I was living in the UK when I came out. My girlfriend at the time wasn't allowed visit my home in Ireland. I told my folks I wouldn't come home unless they copped on to themselves. It took a year but they soon realised I was serious.
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# 75 : Friday 21-1-2005 @ 17:04
Well i don't want to lose my family either! and if i dont go home i can see them not talking to me for a while!
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