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The Long Process Of Coming Out
# 91 : Sunday 23-1-2005 @ 20:20
I've heard it said that it's easier for mothers to accept their son's gay sexuality much easier than a daughter's and vice versa for fathers and daughters. I doubt that there is much research to back this assertion up, though.
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# 92 : Sunday 23-1-2005 @ 21:07
I Have to agree with you there Jupiterkid.
My dad has accepted it much better than my mum.
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# 93 : Tuesday 25-1-2005 @ 17:32
@Happyhead Do you normally spend your birthday with your family?
yeah its a tradition we always do and if i didnt go home it would be the first time it has ever happened that somewhere wasn't there from family - eek! Thanks for the link too!

@Dirha Did your family tell you your g/f wasn't welcome or are you thinking thats how they might react?
Yhey didn't say straight out she wasn't welcome - they said it is too soon and its easier on my friends because i told them first and not her! Thats still a sore issue

@jupiterKid - I'm not really from the "country" as in the rural sense. the "social group" my parents would be apart of think its bad if someone's kid doesnt go to college so if a kid is gay I don't know though really I'm just guessing because its so difficult to talk about the issue

i totally agree that dads accept it better when its their daughter, i think because mum's don't understand why you would like a girl?! Just my opinion.

Thanks everyone again though for the thoughts!
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# 94 : Tuesday 25-1-2005 @ 18:57

I'm 25, all the friends and work people know... just haven't gotten the courage to say it to the family. I'm sure they know, it's just how do you verbalise something that your terrified to say out loud to people who are supposed to love your unconditionally.

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# 95 : Tuesday 25-1-2005 @ 19:00
Yea id have to agree.. My parents dont know bout me but i know my dad would accept it way easier then my mum.
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# 96 : Tuesday 25-1-2005 @ 19:16
Finally plucked up the courage - told my mum I wouldnt be home for my bday so spending it up in the big smoke with my chica. So will be out in kiss on Sat night might see a few of yee around for a bday drink!
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# 97 : Tuesday 25-1-2005 @ 19:25
Sheeben - how did your mam take the news?
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# 98 : Tuesday 25-1-2005 @ 19:29
a whole lot better than i thought, infact she said very little so perhaps its the calm before the storm
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# 99 : Tuesday 25-1-2005 @ 20:44
Well, well done to you, babes!! Have a great one!!
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# 100 : Wednesday 26-1-2005 @ 09:19
thanks Catz! if you are out Sat night give me a shout!
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# 101 : Friday 28-1-2005 @ 13:55
fair play to ya sheebS!!!! xx
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