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Who Has Had A Cold Over Christmas
# 1 : Friday 31-12-2004 @ 16:27
Just want to do a survey of the health of Gaire members over Christmas!!

So who has had a cold? And where about in the country are you located (approx... midlands) and were you in Dublin recently?

I woke up this morning with a rotten head cold and I am in Dublin!!

It would be interesting to see if a region escaped it as alot of people I know have the bloody thing!!

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# 2 : Friday 31-12-2004 @ 16:32
I've been at home with a severe dose of 'flu since xmas eve. Worst I've ever had!

First signs of improvement today.

I'm in the far west.
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# 3 : Friday 31-12-2004 @ 16:37
My chest cold came on weds evening..a nice birthday present..it had gradually moved north are is now dwelling in my head. I'm all sneezy and stuffed up as well as the chestcold and general body ache
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# 4 : Friday 31-12-2004 @ 16:47
Sorry to hear about the flu hope you get well soon.

Effy, 2 people in my house have had this and can't shake it off either. Luckily I only have the sneezy, blocked head cold.

Get better soon!!
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# 5 : Friday 31-12-2004 @ 16:55
most people I know have had a cold over christmas
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# 6 : Friday 31-12-2004 @ 16:57
Dont have any bugs at the mo, but i'm sure i will have picked-up something when the clock strikes 12 tonight as there will be plenty of horned-up grannys in my local lunging at anything in trousers
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# 7 : Friday 31-12-2004 @ 17:34
You'll have to wear a skirt then!!
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# 8 : Friday 31-12-2004 @ 18:11
Not me - though I'll probably have flu-like symptoms when I go on my detox in the new yeark
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# 9 : Friday 31-12-2004 @ 18:31
Two people I know had very -- and I mean very -- bad colds over Christmas. One got his on Dec 21 at the events in Newgrange. This he knows because the host in the house before was determined to go to the solstice event despite her health! The second friend got his from the first person, when he called in to him en route home on Christmas Eve.

Person One felt better today and I met him this afternoon. I met Efferal on the day before his birthday, but I'm fine so far. I do hope I don't get it because I am going away on a holiday on Sunday.
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# 10 : Friday 3-12-2004 @ 19:14
well I'm on my second anti b
(started dec 21st)

had quite a severe chest infection coupled with flu and running nose

it ruined my christmas....
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# 11 : Friday 31-12-2004 @ 19:18
*hugs pipey from a distance*
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# 12 : Friday 31-12-2004 @ 19:22
Make sure you take some probiotic supplements when you finish the anti-biotics.
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# 13 : Friday 3-12-2004 @ 19:31
thanks guys
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# 14 : Friday 31-12-2004 @ 19:31
Get better soon pipey
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# 15 : Friday 3-12-2004 @ 19:34
well at least now I can sing again!!!

(singing my heart out at moment!)
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