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TV: Rip Off Republic
# 1 : Monday 8-8-2005 @ 22:43
Eddie Hobbs presented the first episode of his series Rip Off Republic on RTE tonight, a show that I think - at first glance - has crossed a new threshold for public interest broadcasting on our national airwaves.

His show was highly opinionated stand-up campaigning, dealing with the hand-in-glove relationship between the Irish property developers and the Government; the influence of RGDATA and IBEC on Irish public policy, especially in relation to the Grocery Order which we discussed recently on Gaire; the tax burden and what he called the myth of the low tax economy; and the failure of the Government to promote the Competition Authority.

It was strident, bold, argumentative stuff - sometimes ridiculously simplistic, but well peppered with little nuggets of fact.

What makes it different is that Hobbs has been given a free hand to essentially flake into the Government and big business like I have never seen before on RTE. It was entertaining, fresh, and I hope he continues to kick ass.

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# 2 : Monday 8-8-2005 @ 22:48
Brilliant description Wheelie Bin.

The programme managed to make me cringe a little every so often but I think the general thrust of his performance wasn't bad.

Looking forward to the next one!
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# 3 : Monday 8-8-2005 @ 22:49
I have to say it was an interesting if very biased show. Eddie is a person with strong views and opinions, and he knows how to get them accross.
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# 4 : Tuesday 9-8-2005 @ 12:28
Problem is tho, Eddie is an idiot!
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# 5 : Tuesday 9-8-2005 @ 12:41
I enjoyed it and found it very interesting.

You might not like Eddie but over the last few years he has campaigned a lot for the "working" people who are being ripped off by this country.
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# 6 : Tuesday 9-8-2005 @ 13:17
hey did you see it showed a snippet of my town on it, and had people in the audience from there as well... maybe thats why it was a flop
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# 7 : Tuesday 16-8-2005 @ 17:08
What a brilliant programme. Enjoyed it again last night as much as the first night. Everyone I know seems to be talking about it. Must be one of the best documentrys on rte in a while.
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# 8 : Tuesday 16-8-2005 @ 17:13
Watched 10 minutes of it last night, and had to switch off. Eddie doing his stand up routine combined with that dreadful accent put me off. It raises some really good points, but I think the format needs a little work.
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# 9 : Tuesday 16-8-2005 @ 17:20
Whatever you may think of him, the guy knows his stuff. I've learned a lot by tuning into this programme.
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# 10 : Tuesday 16-8-2005 @ 17:20
I'm the same as Marcel, I had to change channels after 10 mins. He is not good in that format at all. He never looked at the camera, which made it feel like you're watching a fly on the wall documentary about a guy talking to a studio audience. Very bad.
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# 11 : Tuesday 16-8-2005 @ 17:29
On the other hand well done to him creating a stir within the Government, as per the front page of the Sunday Business Post last Sunday.
Even if he is unwatchable as far as I'm concerned!
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# 12 : Tuesday 16-8-2005 @ 17:31
Kudos to the Hobbsters!
He was more tolerable on the other show about personal finance. I just don't understand why he needs a studio audience?
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# 13 : Tuesday 16-8-2005 @ 17:44
yeah, i much preferred him on "Show me the money", especially the 'car-crash telly' episode where he confronted the lad from Maynooth over not paying his Credit union loan - so embarrassing it was hilarious!
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# 14 : Tuesday 16-8-2005 @ 20:07
I thought the format was good. It made a change from the rather stale narrative that is the typical RTE documentary. Fair play to RTE for commissioning a mildly radical and politically insensitive programme.

Hobbs was so simplistic, it was bordering on patronising at times. It's the opposite side of the argument to the vintners, taxi drivers and pharmacy proprietors who would have us believe that monopolistic practices are for our benefit.

It worked and is certainly stimulating public debate.
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# 15 : Tuesday 16-8-2005 @ 22:48
I dont understand why no one asks Mr Hobbs why he left the accountancy practice he worked in a few weeks before it went burst and left many people without their life savings. I'm not suggesting anything, but in terms of rip offs he should look at professionals and see the changes they levy >
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