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For Those Who Are Dating
# 1 : Friday 12-8-2005 @ 17:32
Got a fella or a gal? Felling secure? Well, your relationship may be like a aradioactive nucleus, just waiting for somebody to come along and knock it nto a decayed state. Here's the explanation: Successful couples are said to have chemistry, but a study by an Oxford graduate suggests that dating may actually have more to do with physics.

Richard Ecob adapted a system for modelling atoms in radioactive decay to investigate how we look for partners.

He found that "super daters", people who have many short relationships, have a good effect on others' lives.

This is because they break up weak couples, forcing their victims to find better relationships.
Rest of the story at:

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# 2 : Friday 12-8-2005 @ 18:07
Sounds kinda Darwinian !
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# 3 : Friday 12-8-2005 @ 18:33
Thanks for that Ozren - I have often wondered what the secret of my success was.
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# 4 : Saturday 13-8-2005 @ 12:30
So when I was having those one night stands I was having a good effect on other people's lives. I always knew I was doing Gods work
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