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Your Worst Illness
# 1 : Thursday 18-8-2005 @ 01:37
What is the worst illness you ever suffered? I have been relatively lucky.

Mine was a jaw infection when a dentist messed up an extraction. The pain was exquisite. I could barely think. I sunk into a sharp depression. It lasted five days and, looking back, I think I should have been hospitalised instead of being in my appartment in Galway by myself. After that, I vowed never to spend a period of prolonged illness alone.

The second worst only lasted one day - I woke one morning with a bad back. But I couldn't move for the pain. I imagine that anyone who suffers from regular intense back pain must be dealing with a very cruel blow in life.
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# 2 : Thursday 18-8-2005 @ 01:41
I passed a kidney stone once. It was so sore, I asked the ambulance driver to slow down over the speed ramps.

You've not experienced pain until you've passed a kidney stone (or a baby) (apparently).
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# 3 : Thursday 18-8-2005 @ 01:44
I had a brain tumor and a stroke ten years ago. Was in hospital for seven weeks. Fully recovered now though
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# 4 : Thursday 18-8-2005 @ 02:00
Bloody hell dirha,suddenly my triviliaties just got more trivial,tho my chapped lips are giving me some gip, hope i get some sympathy too,i mean youve recovered,but im still suffering,
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# 5 : Thursday 18-8-2005 @ 02:04
I retract every I just said. Sorry Dirha. You've made me sound really flippant.
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# 6 : Thursday 18-8-2005 @ 09:32
Wow, Dirha! Nothing I've ever had comes close. Hell of a thing to go through.

A bad jaw infection which took 3 months to recover from. An abcess in my throat which landed me in hospital. A bad asthma attack which landed me in the same place.
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# 7 : Thursday 18-8-2005 @ 09:37
Nothing too serious. I had scarlatina as a baby and fractured my ankle 6 times but I was a clumsy child. Hopefully Il never have anything as serious as Dirha.
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# 8 : Thursday 18-8-2005 @ 09:52
Thank God and touch wood I've been lucky, the worst I've ever had was I had the measles, chicken pox, and mumps all at the same time when I was 12 and I spent about three weeks in bed.
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# 9 : Thursday 18-8-2005 @ 09:56
when i was in australia i ended up in hospital with kidney failure and an inflamed gall-bladder, then my sleeping bag went up in flames on frasier island, with me in it, had to be air lifted, fucking great fun
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# 10 : Thursday 18-8-2005 @ 10:06
Worst I've ever had was the same as Cheezy's - passed a kidney stone. The pain was so excruciating I passed out in the emergency room at beaumont. When I came round they had shot me full of morphine, so it was probably worthwhile.

Twas nothing compared to Dirha or Loosefit though
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# 11 : Thursday 18-8-2005 @ 10:31
Well for me I got blood poison because I did not get an injection after getting paint in my leg. Dam hospital never gave me a tet jab. I was so lucky my leg nearly had to be amputated, spent two weeks in hospital. It was two weeks of hell.
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# 12 : Thursday 18-8-2005 @ 10:42
Had Hodgkins Disease at the age of 17 which required a course chemotherapy. Was very lucky, as soon as I noticed the lump I went to the doctor and was operated on within 2 days.
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# 13 : Thursday 18-8-2005 @ 10:42
Loosefit how does your sleeping bag go on fire with you in it?
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# 14 : Thursday 18-8-2005 @ 10:48
you sleep under the stars on frasier island, around campfires. a spark would probably have started it
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# 15 : Thursday 18-8-2005 @ 11:18
I am so sorry for laughing but some of you are the limit...sorry to hear about the bad deal some of you have been dealt, i am so lucky, i cant remember ever having a sick day in my life...now i know just how lucky i really am...
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