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Does The End Justify The Means?
# 1 : Thursday 25-8-2005 @ 23:07
The owners of an animal farm in England have said they will stop breeding guinea pigs for medical research, after years of intimidation by animal rights activists. These activists targeted workers on the farm and damaged cars and property owned by owners and workers of the farm. They even kidnapped the dead body of a woman related to the farm owners in an effort to get this kind of animal farming stopped. They got what they wanted. The farm will stop breeding guinea pigs for medical research.

So, does the end justify the means?
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# 2 : Thursday 25-8-2005 @ 23:11
I`m a believer in the `two wrongs don`t make a right` philisophy, so I don`t think the means are justified by the end.
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# 3 : Thursday 25-8-2005 @ 23:20
Removing the grans body from her grave was a step too far.
I agree 100% with all of the other actions taken, including intimidating financial backers of those types of farms. but graverobbing is just not on.

Edit: I dont know if condoning militant action is good for the site.
Delete if necessary.
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# 4 : Thursday 25-8-2005 @ 23:55
Do you fear the Bush Cow-boys coming down to get you on their way to invading France because of the Human Rights Charter?

As for the subject of the topic:
There might be such a thing as disproportionated means: would they kill a person to uphold animal rights?
What about raping the underaged daughter of a cousin of the farmer? Is that too far?
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# 5 : Friday 26-8-2005 @ 00:32
I think they animal rights went too far in a lot of what they did - there are other ways to get results without resorting to mob tactics.
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# 6 : Friday 26-8-2005 @ 01:13
I wonder how many of the protestors will refuse to take medication later in life when faced with a choice of that or illness? It’s one thing being opposed to smearing rabbits with lipstick when there are alternative ways of testing, but drug research still requires animals etc. So I don’t agree with this action at all.
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# 7 : Friday 26-8-2005 @ 01:31
Like happydude, I agree neither with the end, nor the means.

Animal testing is a vital part of testing of new drugs, and the reappraisal of others. As long as no unnecessary suffering is caused to the animals, there’s no moral problem. If people disagree with animal testing, then they need to be signed onto some form of register which disallows the use of modern drugs on them.
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# 8 : Friday 26-8-2005 @ 01:42
I think farming animals with the express intention of experimenting on them is unnecessary and if people are allowed to protest at fox hunting, which still results in death of an animal albeit for different reasons, then it is to be expected that this farming practice will draw unwanted attention...as to the lengths they went to...well its extreme to say the least but didnt it work...and hasnt it brought the whole vivisection arena back into the public eye..did the end justify the means..that depends on your perspective I think..I definitely wouldnt see some of the actions as being necessary but to those who passionately believe in their cause, it got a result.
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# 9 : Friday 26-8-2005 @ 08:15
Yeh protest all you want but if you go as far as damaging the property of others you should be prosecuted and/or get the hippy shit kicked out of you. Having the high moral ground is not licence to do what you like. I hate this sort of behaviour.
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# 10 : Friday 26-8-2005 @ 09:31
hippy shit kicked out of you

By who exactly? If its by the police, they are breaking the law, if its by members of the public (probably in fur coats with hunting horns) they are also breaking the law.
So you are saying its ok to assault Animals and Humans.

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# 11 : Friday 26-8-2005 @ 09:45
Maybe by the relatives of anyone who might die in future because medical research has been hampered by those idiots, perhaps?
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# 12 : Friday 26-8-2005 @ 09:52
Well I think testing on animals is neccessary but I dont like cruelty and it may be hard to know where to draw the line, but yeah its worth killing a few guinea pigs to save human life.
And if we are going to use guinea pigs then they have to be bred somewhere. Thats just simple economic supply and demand.
And if someone dug up my Granny they better dig a grave for themselves while they’re at it.
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# 13 : Friday 26-8-2005 @ 09:53
at most.
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# 14 : Friday 26-8-2005 @ 10:01
Well, since3 we’re being emotional and irrational, which would you prefer then? Guinea-pigs being put down in labs or someone you love suffering from Alzheimer’s, cancer, HIV, or any other deadly and still incurable disease? It would be lovely if we could grow the necessary tissue in labs to provide safe, animal-free testing subjects but we can’t, not yet. So we have no other choice but to use the next best available - live animals. Unfortunate for the pigs, but it is very much the lesser of two evils.
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# 15 : Friday 26-8-2005 @ 10:07
No the family wouldnt have stopped breeding if it were not for the intimidation. That means the protesters "campaign" was effective, Killing drug dealers can be effective that does not mean it was justified.

As for killing the pigs, it has to be done. Imagine the hardship they would get from the other Guinea pigs if they came back wearing lipstick.
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