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Where To Go? What To Do?
# 1 : Friday 26-8-2005 @ 14:47
hello guys! I am planning a trip to ireland in november and I am wondering if there are any gay pubs or clubs in the dublin area? or any other areas in the south? Are there any gay communities? Thanks for the help!!
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# 2 : Friday 26-8-2005 @ 14:56
The george is the most famous and that is on Georges street with the dragon just a few doors down. Theres is also Yello and Gubu on capel street to name just a few. There are a good few other gay friendly pubs and clubs.
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# 3 : Friday 26-8-2005 @ 15:02
Some useful info here Lostnbama...

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# 4 : Friday 26-8-2005 @ 15:04
Thanks so much Penny. I was having trouble finding anything online. I was afraid there might not be any "gay" stuff to do there. I am from the U.S. and have never been to ireland although its been a life long dream. I was starting to wonder if the gay community was accepted there.
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# 5 : Friday 26-8-2005 @ 15:08
Thanks Flameon. That was very helpful. I am getting more excited about the trip now!
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# 6 : Friday 26-8-2005 @ 15:09
Well im straight so im no expert but there seems to be a fairly vibrant scene in Dublin.
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# 7 : Friday 26-8-2005 @ 15:11
Yeah Dublin has 6 gay bars so it is quite a vibrant scene
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# 8 : Friday 26-8-2005 @ 15:11
The guys ’n’ gals on Gaire have regular meets in Dublin, maybe your trip might coincide with one
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# 9 : Friday 26-8-2005 @ 15:12
I was starting to wonder if the gay community was accepted there.

It will be eradicated in about 7 years Lostnbama. I am currently running lab tests on four ex members that I abducted from a Gaire meet in Gubu.
I have nearly created a Biological weapon that will actually destroy the Gay gene in guys.
It has the unfortunate side effect of taking away all dance skills/dress sense etc.. and makes you obsess over football teams and engines.
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# 10 : Friday 26-8-2005 @ 15:15
that would be great flame on. How would I find out about the meetings? I will be there from nov. 4 - nov. 11
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# 11 : Friday 26-8-2005 @ 15:16
We usually have a meeting roughly every 1 - 2 months - there is no plan yet for the next one
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# 12 : Friday 26-8-2005 @ 15:17
They are posted on the boards a week or two before they take place.
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# 13 : Friday 26-8-2005 @ 15:19
well keep my trip dates in mind when planning the next one :-) me and the boyfriend would love to meet people while we are there.
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# 14 : Friday 26-8-2005 @ 15:24
Where in the US are you from?
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# 15 : Friday 26-8-2005 @ 15:26
I am in Mobile Alabama, Penny. Way Way down south on the Mobile Bay
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