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Favourite Cancelled Tv Series
 Poll Choices 35 Total Votes
5.71% / 2 Votes
25.71% / 9 Votes
34.29% / 12 Votes
14.29% / 5 Votes
8.57% / 3 Votes
8.57% / 3 Votes
2.86% / 1 Vote
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# 1 : Thursday 15-9-2005 @ 01:40
Just wonderin if anyone was missin the recently cancelled tv shows. Although theres a few good ones out at the min keepin me goin.
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# 2 : Thursday 15-9-2005 @ 02:21
tho not featured,i miss "fetch and lovelace" "the wonder years",the story of two passionate people in a love/ hate relationship,locked in an embrace of passion that crosses the divide of sexual orientation,transcends the realities of gairedom,and yet typifies the stagnation of modern marriage,oh i feel a musical coming on,i really do,say, has anyone written "cats" yet?
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# 3 : Thursday 15-9-2005 @ 02:48
Does the european poll come after the North america one?
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# 4 : Thursday 15-9-2005 @ 06:48
I like Family Guy and Futurama...
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# 5 : Thursday 15-9-2005 @ 10:18
None of the above
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# 6 : Thursday 15-9-2005 @ 10:22
For me its a toss up between Fraiser and Buffy. But then again Buffy had run its course how many times can the world almost be destroyed?

Fraiser on the other had was more stable because it was based on relationships and stuff so that could gone on forever.

@Tallaghguy Family Guy was un-cancelled I have a few episodes of the 4th series. Their great!!
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# 7 : Thursday 15-9-2005 @ 10:24
One hates to be pedantic (well, actually one loves to be pedantic but that’s another story), but were Friends, Frasier and SATC actually cancelled? Or did they just come to the end of their natural lives?

In terms of shows deliberately cancelled by the networks Futurama stands out as a particularly heinous example. Mr Murdoch, you will burn in hell for many things but for cancelling Futurama you deserve it.
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# 8 : Thursday 15-9-2005 @ 10:28
@Parker I think cancelled is the general term used for when the show comes to an end. Usually shows will end because there is no more storylines left to do. If that is the case the public will lose interest and the show will be cancelled anyway. Oh and totally agree with you on the Futurama thing. Rupert Murdoch can bit my shiney metal ass for all I care.
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# 9 : Thursday 15-9-2005 @ 10:33
Friends was ok until Chandler ate all Monica and Rachels food and they all started swapping babies and partners and every asshole in the pub said "How U doin!" a million times.
Ally McBeal
Sex and the City - kind of lost its appeal when Carrie the little whinging trollop’s neck looked like she belonged in V and they all were not so much gals living the high life but four neurotic sluts who were past it and knew it.
Frasier and Buffy were good but ran their course.
Thank fuck for British comedy as its the best in the world.
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# 10 : Thursday 15-9-2005 @ 10:49
Without a doubt my favourite cancelled show has to be : My So Called Life. IT was pure idiocy not to make a second series of that show.

Buffy wasnt cancelled, the main character decided to quit so they had no choice but to cease filming.
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# 11 : Thursday 15-9-2005 @ 10:51
I think you’re both right but cancelled would be the wrong word for a lot of the programmes on the list..Friends came to the end but not at the choice of the studio.

ah futurama had some good storylines but on the whole failed to find an audience. I think its problem was that it was too adult and didnt appeal to Kids enough. I know we all claim the simpsons is really for adults but its try and mostly succeeds to be both.

It wasnt murdoch who cancelled the show it was lack of viewers and ad revenue that finally did it in
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# 12 : Thursday 15-9-2005 @ 10:57
Someone obviously works for

Yeah I suppose ya’ll are right but I think that cancelled is a general term to just mean finished show. If Tag had to say "Favourite TV Show That Isn’t On Anymore" I dont think he’d bother.

Anyway enough if semantics...back on topic. Has anyone noticed that Dharma & Greg has no votes and hasn’t even been commented on. Probably a case of the less said the better.
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# 13 : Thursday 15-9-2005 @ 10:59
Was that the one with Claire Danes? That was a really good show but I dont think they could have made it without her. I really liked SATC but I hate the way its made me over- analyse everything! Before I watched it if a bloke said something I took it at face value, now I spend hours pondering simple statements. Oh I hated the way Carrie wore her bra in bed, no-one does that!
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# 14 : Thursday 15-9-2005 @ 11:01
Yep that was the one with Claire Danes and she was only 14 when she filmed that and was all set to make another series, they cut it because it didnt get the ratings desired on whatever american network it was on.
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# 15 : Thursday 15-9-2005 @ 11:02
Clare Danes....god no...really

I would have liked it more if I knew she was in it. I can’t remember any of the actors names. It was an OKish show not really funny "ha ha" more funny "yawn". I call shows like it background noise because I put them on when I dont wanna watch the TV but am too lazy to turn it off.
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