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What Do You Do?
# 1 : Monday 26-9-2005 @ 13:33
just a question - when you're feeling really down in the dumps - what do you do to cheer yourself up?
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# 2 : Monday 26-9-2005 @ 13:35
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# 3 : Monday 26-9-2005 @ 13:38
I normally go home and spend some time with my brothers, they normally cheer me up. If thats not possible I give someone a ring and have a good natter. Sometimes I just need a good cry so I watch a weepy or two and I generally feel better for it.
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# 4 : Monday 26-9-2005 @ 13:41
usually put on a comfort movie, after hours always picks me up. exercise is supposed to be great for boosting the seratonin levels.
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# 5 : Monday 26-9-2005 @ 13:45
Lately been having a load of off moments so when they come I go and play with my 3 year old niece, u can't feel bad around great kids... She makes me read her stories, she tricks me into giving her hugs and kisses and then drags me to the shops to buy her a comic and something nice....

She's the best!
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# 6 : Monday 26-9-2005 @ 13:53
sleep you always wake up in a good mood
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# 7 : Monday 26-9-2005 @ 13:55
Listen to some music (upbeat stuff of course)

Clears the mind and throat...
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# 8 : Monday 26-9-2005 @ 13:56
Actually Niceguy has a great point... I used to LOVE listening to Gin Blossoms really loud and singing along with them, felt SO good after! That's what I'm gonna do today... Finish early and torment the neighbours!

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# 9 : Monday 26-9-2005 @ 14:49
Just Watch Amelie ad it will always cheer you up

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# 10 : Monday 26-9-2005 @ 14:50

a few pints and a few smokes!!!
sometimes though, that can make it worse and you end up in some corner somewhere bawling your eyes out..

sex .. but sometimes this can make it worse too!

I think a good dvd usually does the trick for me... depending on what mood Im in and the resons for the slump.

Going for a long drive somewhere with a good friend.

Sometimes... having a good bitching session helps too! especially when the other person contributes to the bitching!
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# 11 : Monday 26-9-2005 @ 14:58
ring sister.

listen to really sad music

go to cinema on my own(its dark)

avoid alchohol
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# 12 : Monday 26-9-2005 @ 15:15
I watch Muriels Wedding or ring someone or go for a meal or just something anyway

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# 13 : Monday 26-9-2005 @ 15:26
Go for a walk, clear the head, invite frineds over (friends that make me laugh that is) and Bob's your uncle, fanny's your aunt! Good as new
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# 14 : Monday 26-9-2005 @ 15:41
Go for a run or long walk
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# 15 : Monday 26-9-2005 @ 16:10
defo have to pig out while listen to the radio and dancing around the house like a looney bin
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