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# 1 : Sunday 2-10-2005 @ 19:35
I was in Dublin for the weekend and went into the boilerhouse, what I want to know has it always been so grotty or is it just the way I looked at it this weekend. The towels were smell and the whole place felt dirty. I have been in the other Dublin sauna !!! the dock and if I am having a rant about the boiler house I paid my €15 in the dock and left after about 30 minutes it was seedy.
Having been in The Charriot in London the Irish have a lot to learn about the way to run saunas or else they should be closed down on the grounds of public health and I am not referring to the sti's
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# 2 : Sunday 2-10-2005 @ 19:40
I also nipped in. I didn't find it too bad. It could do with a little more facilities, though. Good enough mix two. The dock dosen't have a jacuzzi, though.
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# 3 : Wednesday 28-6-2006 @ 15:24
And now you can visit it online
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# 4 : Wednesday 28-6-2006 @ 15:25
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# 5 : Wednesday 28-6-2006 @ 15:26
Their logo is hilarious!!
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# 6 : Wednesday 28-6-2006 @ 15:40
i laugh when people say the dock is seedy..all saunas are seedy..the bolierhouse just happens to have better lighting
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# 7 : Wednesday 28-6-2006 @ 16:57
Sash, are you a frequent visitor?
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# 8 : Wednesday 28-6-2006 @ 17:10
Popped in myself over the weekend and had a lovely time. Oh my God - me and DU could have been unwittingly mentally undressing each other with our eyes. Or mentally adding on more clothes - which is always worse. Met a lot of old acquaintances there myself - the fathers of kids I've babysat, priests, former Taoisigh, my 2 straight brothers, Lord Henry Mountbatten, my primary school headmaster, my grandmother (who's been dead since 1984) and many many more. Just kidding! But I wouldn't be surprised if I had. You never know who's gonna come out of the woodwork in the BH. A mate of mine works there so I don't have to pay, well at least not unless the guy I fancy inside is rent, so that's a relief. Probably the only relief I'll get all night. He also puts free credit on my loyalty card too and if I build up 10,000 'shame points', apparently I get a free Cornish pastie, blowjob and sunbed session. I don't go in to cruise guys and get fucked of course - I just go to criticize the decor. Like some of you lot, or so it seems from what you're saying. Yeah right.
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# 9 : Wednesday 28-6-2006 @ 17:53
I know this may sound blatantly obvious but I take it Bebo Bolierthing is a prank...a lot of the posers on iots friends list are far from impressed.
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# 10 : Wednesday 28-6-2006 @ 20:35
Was there an unofficial gaire meet in the bh this weekend? I'm sorry I didn't go now!
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# 11 : Thursday 29-6-2006 @ 09:07
Sash, are you a frequent visitor?

Not since they made me wash my cock before 'entry', Bullman.
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# 12 : Thursday 29-6-2006 @ 09:43
the place need a revamp
Just back from oz and the saunas over there are class, clean ect
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# 13 : Thursday 29-6-2006 @ 10:20
Anyone remember the story of a priest who supposedly died of a heart attack in there? I don't know if the Sunday World has an online archive,,,
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# 14 : Thursday 29-6-2006 @ 10:28
Do you mean the priest that died of a heart attack yeas ago in Incognito sauna. If so, here's an old article from the Times.

Sat, 17 Dec 1994

AS MANY as 20 Catholic priests are regular visitors to the gay Dublin sauna club where an elderly priest died suddenly over the weekend, the owner of the premises, Mr Liam Ledwidge, told The Irish Times last night.

He said that Father Liam Cosgrave (68), who apparently died of a heart attack early on Saturday morning, was a regular visitor to the Incognito sauna club, on Bow Lane East off Aungier Street, for man years.

Meanwhile the Archbishop of Dublin, Dr Desmond Connell, said yesterday that he was ``shocked and saddened'' by the circumstances of Father Cosgrave's death. In a statement, Dr Connell said the death of the curate was a tragedy. ``The circumstances of his death have shocked and saddened us all and make his death even more tragic.''

The Incognito's owner, Mr Ledwidge, said the Baldoyle curate, who was a member of the Montfort Fathers, was just one of a number of priests who frequented the premises. ``We do have a lot of priests visiting, around 20 of them. Of course they wouldn't all congregate at the same time and they don't form a higher proportion than any other profession. They don't wear their clerical collars, but over the years you do get to know what people do,'' said Mr Ledwidge, a partner in the club which opened 12 years ago.

Mr Ledwidge said there were 70 men in the club when Father Cosgrave was found in a collapsed condition outside one of the private cubicles, in a downstairs corridor, by another client at 4.30 a.m. The majority of the men left the premises prior to the arrival of the Garda.

Reports in some newspapers that the priest had been taking pills at the time to stimulate sexual arousal were denied by the club manager. `I have never, ever known the man to take anything like that. It isn’t true,'' said the club manager, Mr Stepen McCormack.

Other reports that gay men engaged in sexual activity in the club's private rooms were also denied by Mr Ledwidge. ``Sexual activity is a matter for themselves, although we don't encourage it. The club is supervised and usually if two people meet they go on elsewhere. We don't allow sexual activity in the cubicles.'' A post mortem is expected to take place today.
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# 15 : Thursday 29-6-2006 @ 10:31
He was a priest in Baldoyle I think
*Well thank you waffles for beating me to it!*
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