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Break Up Songs
# 1 : Friday 7-10-2005 @ 18:59
hmmm just back from a friends house where i have tried in vain to sperate her from her duvet. She is going through a break-up and has now set up camp on the couch complete with duvet, remote control for tv/vcr/dvd/stero within reach, buckets of ice-cream, bottles of wine and vodka(if it gets really rough)and if i hear Celine Dion's Think twice one more time!!!!!
Having done my friendly duty i came home to dry off my shoulders and gather supplies to return to the hermit cave but kinda go to thinking about what break up songs others have???

Personaly, its Geroge Michael I can't make you love me and Phil Collins against all odds...

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# 2 : Friday 7-10-2005 @ 19:02
there are so many to choose from:

gabrielle: out of reach is the top of my list and if you;re really sick : olivia newton john: hopelessy devoted to you.

seemingly there is a 2cd compilation of break up songs out there....
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# 3 : Friday 7-10-2005 @ 19:07
What is it about sad songs? i mean one would thik that in such a bad time a cheery song is called on but somehow its always the sad ones that make us feel better... perhaps something to do with allowing us to cry more easily???

A CD 2 disc set? no way! omg... jaysus what won't they release!...
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# 4 : Friday 7-10-2005 @ 19:12
The pits has to be, Glen Campbell's 'By the time I get to Phoenix, and 'Honey come back'
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# 5 : Friday 7-10-2005 @ 19:21

Also Radiohead's 'True love waits'

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# 6 : Friday 7-10-2005 @ 19:57
Always Crashing in the Same Car / David Bowie
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# 7 : Friday 7-10-2005 @ 20:42
Glen campbell's By the Time I Get to Phoenix ? I always thought that was By The Time I Get To Finglas

No, the best break-up songs are
Angie by The Rolling Stones
Nothing Compares To U by Sinead O'Connor
Always On My Mind by Willie Nelson
I Will Always Love You by Dolly Parton (Not, I repeat Not, Whitney's version)
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# 8 : Friday 7-10-2005 @ 21:08
Well personally i think Kelis first song "Caught out There (I hate u so much right now)" is the best break up song out there. listen to her passion!
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# 9 : Friday 7-10-2005 @ 21:35
Yeh I agree, get yerself riled up, throw a few things about and then put some dance music on, dance around your handbag for a bit, drink more wine, get your face on and go out and party!

Failing that, I actually dont' know which songs off the top of my head.
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# 10 : Friday 7-10-2005 @ 22:10
when youve been dumped
hallelujah (jeff buckleys version)
people they aint no good (nick cave)

when youve dumped someone, but ya know...
say hello, wave goodbye (david grays version
the one i love (rem)
so long marianne (L cohen)
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# 11 : Friday 7-10-2005 @ 22:18
When I was younger I used to howl along to Meatloafs "2 outta 3 aint bad"

Now it might be U2's "One" or "this time" by Aslan..
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# 12 : Friday 7-10-2005 @ 22:28
"Rise" by Gabrielle should do the trick.
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# 13 : Friday 7-10-2005 @ 22:40
Roy Orbison...Its oooooovvvvvveerrrr..

Edited to include...Fatal Hesitation by Chris De Burgh..."never gonna love another the way that i have loved you..."
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# 14 : Friday 7-10-2005 @ 23:42
I have to agree with Dirha on Sinead O'Connor's "Nothing Compares 2U" but there's also:

Oasis - Don't Look Back in Anger / Stop Crying Your Heart Out
Coldplay - The Scientist
David Gray - Sail Away
REM - Everybody Hurts
Moby - Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?

If she wants cheering up I highly recommend Jamiroquai's Funk Odyssey

Good luck... get those tissues ready
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# 15 : Friday 7-10-2005 @ 23:45
hello Superglue and welcome to the forums...may you have a long, illustrious and prolific stay...
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