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Anyone Else Sick Of The Whole 'Northern Ireland' Thing?
# 1 : Friday 14-10-2005 @ 11:12
I know what your thinking when you see the heading, probably something along the line of West Brit Ass fucker, but I must explain what I mean more clearly. I not sick of debating about the North, because for me, its a national issue, and really important to me, what Im sick of is all of these West Brit fuckers trying to be so PC, that they constantly speak of Northern Ireland, and the Northern Irish, as if its a different fucking country. I think its really insulting to refer to someone as Northern Irish, whilst then referring to someone else as Irish, as if being from the south makes you somehow more Irish. I so sick of the Celtic Tiger generation who have forgotten whats really important, and only ever think of money money money. Things really need to change; Anyone else agree?
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# 2 : Friday 14-10-2005 @ 11:16
Last time I was up North, one of the locals told me I was from a beautiful country!
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# 3 : Friday 14-10-2005 @ 11:18
Well "Northern Ireland" is its name, unless you're from RTE in which case it's just "the North"

You could call it the Six Counties, but that would be a dead giveaway, wouldn't it?
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# 4 : Friday 14-10-2005 @ 11:21
What a cheeky bastard! U should have asked him was he on holidays. My cousin was in Derry years ago with her boyfriend, and they were talking to some people. They asked one of them where he was from, and the cheeky fuck said he was British, so my cousin boyfriend asked him, was he on holidays? Your man didnt even reply, he was so pissed off!
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# 5 : Friday 14-10-2005 @ 11:22
I spent a week in Belfast while on a peace walk and all the ex-Ira men used to call me a "free-stater" so id just say well at least im not a subject of the queen!
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# 6 : Friday 14-10-2005 @ 11:24
As anationalist I do know all the terminoly regarding the North, and thats exactly what Im saying. Why change after over 80 years of refering it to the North. It may be the offical name, but by referring to it as that, you are just giving Unionists what they, by recognising their plastic state, and your turning your back on your people.
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# 7 : Friday 14-10-2005 @ 11:26
My relatives in NI call themselves British and they are Catholic. Their reasoning is that they hold British passports. I don't visit them very often
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# 8 : Friday 14-10-2005 @ 11:28
@Donnacha Do you not think someone who is from a protestant unionist backgroud has a right to call themselves British? The same way someone of nationalist background has a right to call themselves Irish!
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# 9 : Friday 14-10-2005 @ 11:29
I spend a lot of time working there. Northern Ireland is its official name. I don't see anything PC in calling it anything else but Northern Ireland.
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# 10 : Friday 14-10-2005 @ 11:29
Ian I cant believe u would say that. Personally I wouldnt really have taken offense to it, because its natural that there is a tny fragment of resentment emenating from some Northern extremists, after being abandoned by the Free State in 1921.
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# 11 : Friday 14-10-2005 @ 11:32
What's PC about calling it Northern Ireland? It is Northern Ireland. My mother is from Belfast and she calls it Northern Ireland. It was called this long before the Celtic Tiger first roared, so why bring that into the equation?
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# 12 : Friday 14-10-2005 @ 11:36
Well its this free state they want to unite so if it ever comes to that, will they still call us free staters. Look Cyprus..They both have a right to call themselves whatever they want to.Not all catholics would want to be a part of a 32 county Irish Republic or to be called British.
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# 13 : Friday 14-10-2005 @ 11:38
Donnacha, your comments about the republic turing its back its people is total tripe. You have an agreement which was passed by people on the island of ireland. I don't think you can say that govt has neglected the people of Northern Ireland in any way. What I do notice when I'm in Belfast is that it's a different society from the Republic. Both sides of the community have more in common with each other than they have with the republic. I find the Northern Irish to be fiendly but an intollerant, conservative bunch!
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# 14 : Friday 14-10-2005 @ 11:42
Well they are British and Irish in the same way someone from Scotland is British and Scotish, someone from Wales is British and Welsh, someone from the Isle of Mann is British and Manx.
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# 15 : Friday 14-10-2005 @ 11:43
Donacha i think you´re overlooking a few things...

I think its really insulting to refer to someone as Northern Irish, whilst then referring to someone else as Irish, as if being from the south makes you somehow more Irish.

First of all the majority of Northern Irish people (protestants) do not consider themselves irish in any shape or form and in fact refer to themselves as being british. Obviously they don´t want to be known as being irish so why should we address them in a way that is against their wishes? As for the republicans well yes they consider themselves to be irish but when you´re talking about the population of the north as a whole what other alternative do you have than to use a term that applies to both those who are british and those who are irish (NORTHERN IRISH)??
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