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Sea Safari - Gaire Outing
# 1 : Tuesday 18-10-2005 @ 08:53
has anyone ever been on this? my boss has booked it as part of our x mas party
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# 2 : Tuesday 18-10-2005 @ 10:27
Hiya Pinky.Sea Safari operate a couple of 8mt R,I,B,s ( Rigid inflatable boat).Very experienced Skippers and crew.The boats are tested every year by the Dept of Marine which has the most stringent and strict rules in Europe the boats are great fun and very safe.You will get splashed but don`t worry because you will be provided with "wet gear" (dress warm )and 150N lifejackets and full safety briefing the seating is set out up front to maximise the thrill and most important to have all passengers and crew in the skippers line of sight at all times.They operate from Malahide Marina and if your a bit nervous give me a shout and I will bring you out on a trial spin,I have a RIB that I used on a round Ireland race a few years ago.
It`s a great bit of craic so have a blast.
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# 3 : Tuesday 18-10-2005 @ 10:30
I went on this suring the summer was good craic.

might be a bit cold for xmas party but sure whatever "flats your boat"
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# 4 : Tuesday 18-10-2005 @ 20:46
Going on it this weekend. Will let you know.
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# 5 : Monday 24-10-2005 @ 23:54
It's a high speed trip out around Dublin Bay and takes about an hour. Great fun. We left from the Yacht club down by the IFSC and crusied out of the Liffey. Then the driver put the foot on the gas and booted across the water doing a few handbrakers to the screaches of our lady companions. We head out to Killiney bay where we actually saw dolphins and porpoises and well as seals bathing before heading back. I'd recommend it as part of a fun day out.
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# 6 : Tuesday 25-10-2005 @ 09:43
Moto, that sounds great!! I'd love to do it. Any other Gaireans fancy a trip??
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# 7 : Tuesday 25-10-2005 @ 09:49
Just let me know and I will arrange it.I get trade discounts on that kind of stuff.
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# 8 : Tuesday 25-10-2005 @ 10:13
Woohoo!! That sounds even better!! Thanks Termi. Would you and Termi Jr consider joining us one weekend?
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# 9 : Tuesday 25-10-2005 @ 10:17
Wow that sounds class! If there is a Gaire crew going I'd be on for it too!
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# 10 : Tuesday 25-10-2005 @ 10:23
Gaire crew

I think we might just sit there screaming, Sheeben! Leave the crewing to someone else
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# 11 : Tuesday 25-10-2005 @ 10:24

I think we might just sit there screaming, Sheeben! Leave the crewing to someone else

True Catz! Although wouldn't we all look lovely all geared out like a crew!
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# 12 : Tuesday 25-10-2005 @ 10:25
Sounds great to me Catz as they say "Let`s get it on "
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# 13 : Tuesday 25-10-2005 @ 10:28
Whoever is interested, put your name here. I'll talk to Termi over the next couple of days and arrange something for us.

Altogether now, "We are sailing, we are saiiiiiiling.........."
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# 14 : Tuesday 25-10-2005 @ 10:48
Sounds great!! But would it be possible to do it on a Sunday as I work most Saturdays?
@ Catz; twould be more like "we are screaming, we are screaming"
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# 15 : Tuesday 25-10-2005 @ 10:52
" We are sinking...We are sinnnnking....Wheres the water coming from."
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