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What TV Programmes/Movies Made You Cry?
# 1 : Friday 28-10-2005 @ 10:15
What moments on TV or in Movies that has made you blub?

I'm a real sucker for a weepy moment. There are even films I've seen a few times and I still cry at the same point!

Some of my great weepy movies/TV moments include in no particular order:

Life is Beautiful - heart breaking to see the father maintaining the game in front of his son as he is dragged off by the German soldier.

Steel Magnolias - The bit with Sally Field just after the funeral sets me off every time.

E.T. - The bit that gets me is actually when Elliot and ET are both on hospital trollies and ET is really sick and reaches over to Elliot from his bed - yes still moving even as an adult!

The Killing Fields - When Dith Pran is reunited with Sydney after his ordeal and John Lennon's Imagine is playing in the background

Watership Down - When Art Garfunkel sings Bright Eyes in the background.

Blackadder - The very end of the series set in World War 1 when the characters finally go over the edge of the trench and the screen fades out to show a field of poppies. Heartbreakingly moving and so unexpected in a comedy!

Beaches - The bit where Bette Midler is singing Wind beneath my wings in the background while they show footage of the funeral.

I've so many more! What about you?

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# 2 : Friday 28-10-2005 @ 10:18

when i was a kid i remember bawling my eyes out when Marys baby died in the fire in Little House on the Prairie.... i know i am sad man.
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# 3 : Friday 28-10-2005 @ 10:20
The only movie to make me blub in recent year was Million Dollar Baby.
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# 4 : Friday 28-10-2005 @ 10:26
Cried my eye`s out when I hadn`t got the winning lotto numbers
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# 5 : Friday 28-10-2005 @ 10:39

I think we all did,

bit on topic "The green mile"
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# 6 : Friday 28-10-2005 @ 10:39
king kong
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# 7 : Friday 28-10-2005 @ 10:44
Futurama - the part where Fry's dog dies of old age waiting for him to come back from the future
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# 8 : Friday 28-10-2005 @ 10:47
@ Parker Oh my God, That bit of futurama upset me so much! It's so true though, dogs are that loyal.
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# 9 : Friday 28-10-2005 @ 10:47
well in fairness, he wasnt waiting for him to come back from the future. He was just waiting for him to come back.

but even more heartbreaking was fry not having him brought back to life because he thought he would have forgpotten him
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# 10 : Friday 28-10-2005 @ 11:03
The movie The Champ, about the boxer, and the bit at the end where the son is saying " wake up champ" o sweet lord I just loose it...and Kramer v's Kramer, i bawl through that whole movie....or of course ANY wedding scene on t.v, always fills me up!!!
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# 11 : Friday 28-10-2005 @ 11:06
I'm with ya on wedding scenes Lovelace!
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# 12 : Friday 28-10-2005 @ 11:07
Usually after a fairly rought weekend on a sucide Tuesday I am likely to cry at Dot Cotton on Benders coz im so emotional.

Always cry at Pretty Woman, when he comes back for her - oh its so romantic!
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# 13 : Friday 28-10-2005 @ 11:07
I love the episode of the simpson where Homer is telling the story of Maggie's birth. The bit at the end when Lisa asks where are the picture of Maggie and Homer says they are in the place that he needs it the most. Covering a demotivation plaque in the power plant to read "Do't for her" - I get a lump in my throat everytime.
I think that episode was on last night (or my flatmate was watching the dvd either one?)
I'm a real sucker for soft bits in TV programmes - my flatmate ends up crying laughing at me. Wife swap has some great moments as well
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# 14 : Friday 28-10-2005 @ 11:10
I still find it really embarrassing to be caught crying at something! Luckily one of my housemates is as bad as me. We both cried at Eastenders one time!

I love when you see a particularly sad movie in the Cinema and you see all the red eyes on people afterwards! It's a real feeling of I'm not the only one!
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# 15 : Friday 28-10-2005 @ 11:16
It doesn't matter what programme it is, I cry anyway, Real life doumentaries make me cry and anything corny too.
I cried at neigbours a few weeks ago. Its gotten to the stage that if there's any potential blubbering material on the TV Polo knows that is she looks around I'll have tears running down my cheeks.
Anythony and the Johnson's album makes me cry. So does bill brysons audio book, A short history of nearly anything.
I can't help being soft hearted!
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