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What TV Programmes/Movies Made You Cry?
# 16 : Friday 28-10-2005 @ 11:20
See I was right when I said CTD was a real softy
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# 17 : Friday 28-10-2005 @ 11:32
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# 18 : Friday 28-10-2005 @ 11:51
I always cry at the episode of 'The Simpson's' where Lisa gets a crush on her subtitute teacher. I used to ball my eyes when Goose died in Top Gun and then I cried when he died again in ER.

I saw this programme that was made for Comic Relief about Elder Abuse with Richard Briers and Kevin Wheately (think thats his name). That was heart-breaking. Oh and when Christopher Eccesltons character died in Cracker.
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# 19 : Friday 28-10-2005 @ 11:55
Into the West brought some dust in to my eyes the first time I saw it.

There is one episode of the Simpsons that gets an aww factor of 8.7 on the blub scale. It's the one where Homer is going for astronaut training and he's on the phone to marge saying he remembers when Mr T was at the mall and he was saying I'll go later, I'll go later and when he finally went to the mall to see Mr T the guy there told him he just left and "..when I asked if he'd be back, the guy said he didn't know"!! Awww poor Homer!!
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# 20 : Friday 28-10-2005 @ 12:19
The fecking bagpipes in Titanic always set me off.

The last episode of Six Feet Under was full of happy/sad moments.

The only time I really really cried in the cinema was watching Shine the true story of Pianist David Helfgott
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# 21 : Friday 28-10-2005 @ 12:54
I cryed at the Simpsons episode where Lisa befriends a sazaphone player and he dies at the end of it. So sad!
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# 22 : Friday 28-10-2005 @ 12:57
Million Dollar Baby got me too.
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# 23 : Friday 28-10-2005 @ 13:44
The Colour Purple.....and I cry at the happiest bit when shes reunited with her sister.....
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# 24 : Friday 28-10-2005 @ 13:52
the blair witch 2, god i cried and cried
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# 25 : Friday 28-10-2005 @ 14:11

yeah.. that bit of The Colour Purple when the sisters are renunited is so sad.. I also got a lump in my throat at some episodes of Touched by and Angel.
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# 26 : Friday 28-10-2005 @ 14:53
Bette Midler in "Beaches"
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# 27 : Friday 28-10-2005 @ 15:53
I remember watching the Loin King and crying when Simba's dad died and he saw him in the sky!
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# 28 : Friday 28-10-2005 @ 16:16
Oh my god yeh, I got all teary eyed when Mufasa died in the Lion King 1, so sad.

Uusally them hospital programmes with sick children will have me in tears, most recently the harlequin girls which was on a few weeks ago was quite sad in parts.

I cried at EastEnders once aswell, it was when Ethel begged Dot to put her out of her misery and give her the tablets. Dot eventually did and it just faded out with Dot holding Ethel at the end listening to some old music. As clumsy as EastEnders is at times, it was handled really well I thought.
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# 29 : Friday 28-10-2005 @ 16:24
Ah it shames me 2 admit it but I balled my eyes out every time I saw the Land Before Time when Littlefoots mother dies......and yet I made my whole family watch that film incesantly for about two years!!
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# 30 : Friday 28-10-2005 @ 19:00
The only new film that moved me to tears this year was million dollar baby.

Older films which ive seen and have had the same effect (most of which everytime i watch them!!):

The Colour Purple
Bambi (only ever saw it once and of course it was when bambi's mother died)

Boys Dont Cry

Theres so many more but i just cant think of them!!
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