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What TV Programmes/Movies Made You Cry?
# 31 : Friday 28-10-2005 @ 20:09
the angelus makes me cry,it really hurts my head.:
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# 32 : Friday 28-10-2005 @ 20:18
The Late Late Show. It means I'm staying in on Friday night again.
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# 33 : Friday 28-10-2005 @ 20:22
The prince of tides really upset me..there was a horribe rape scene involving two kids which had me in bits for weeks...also song for a raggy boy for the same reason..in fact I burnt that dvd just to make sure my own kids never seen it..
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# 34 : Friday 28-10-2005 @ 20:47
a walk to remember, very good film....................
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# 35 : Friday 28-10-2005 @ 21:31
I've been told lots of times how I couldn't stop crying at 4 years old when ET first came out I can't remember it though
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# 36 : Friday 28-10-2005 @ 21:40
Bit back, but took me ages to get over it, after all the trials and tribulations, chaos and an uphill struggle to get them back together, Billy after finally declaring his undying love for Ally McBeal, then drops.... DEAD!


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# 37 : Saturday 29-10-2005 @ 12:41
the angelus makes me cry,it really hurts my head

lol@Butters! I was the exact same when I used to live at home it would be blarring around the house

The end seen of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon gets me every single time
Also Million Dollar Baby... oh i better stop now
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# 38 : Saturday 29-10-2005 @ 13:17
Trinny and Suzanna make me cry. All those fashion disasters, and so little time.

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# 39 : Saturday 29-10-2005 @ 16:33
Buffy episode 'the Gift', mainly the last 5 minutes gets me teary.
I have the score on C.D. and even that sets me off.
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# 40 : Saturday 29-10-2005 @ 16:36
in futurama when fry thinks his brother stole his clover and had all this good luck was in fact his nephew and named for him.
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# 41 : Saturday 29-10-2005 @ 18:39
love the chubs.. what episode was that
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# 42 : Tuesday 1-11-2005 @ 17:21
The Champ. That always gets me when John Voight dies, and his kid wont stop crying.
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# 43 : Tuesday 1-11-2005 @ 17:54
I got "Adam and Paul" Because I heard it was a comedy.It was heart breaking and I stopped it halfway thru because it was just so sad to see two lad`s and their friends destroyed by drugs.I really got deeply upset and it brought it back to me when I lost a few friends from drug related illnesses and overdoses.
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# 44 : Tuesday 1-11-2005 @ 19:31
maybe its cos im a culchie, but the last episode of 'all creatures great and small' had me in floods and i was only a nipper back then. the music was tearful as well.
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# 45 : Tuesday 1-11-2005 @ 19:37
Two parts in Titanic...one where the mother is tucking her kids into bed and the ship is in the process of sinking...and the mother and baby that are frozen solid with blue lips...
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