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What TV Programmes/Movies Made You Cry?
# 46 : Tuesday 1-11-2005 @ 20:12
Hello again everyone - back after more than a little technical difficulty with my 'puter.

Anyway two Irish movies that moved me.

First was In America when the black guy who befriended the family died - how sad was that?

And secondly Inside I'm Dancing, again at the death scene. Choked me!
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# 47 : Thursday 3-11-2005 @ 18:01
"The green mile" too. it was so sad when the kinda angel got executed.
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# 48 : Monday 7-11-2005 @ 17:38
Pay it Forward : this movie is class, brill story line and i aint one for crying but this was so sad
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# 49 : Friday 11-11-2005 @ 20:42
Oh my god, myself and my housemate just cried our eyes out watching Eastenders - oh the humanity
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# 50 : Friday 11-11-2005 @ 20:45
The Lotto draw.
Every week.
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# 51 : Friday 11-11-2005 @ 20:47
I cried watching the Clinic on RTE this week with the doctor and his wife who has Huntingdon's disease. Blub!
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# 52 : Friday 11-11-2005 @ 22:22
Wow, reading this thread, has brought back some memories. It also made me realise something, I cry while watching Tv a lot. Lol.

The last time I cried was at the end of the last Six Feet Under. It was sad they way it showed them all dying. How anyone could have watched that and not have been at least moved is beyond me.

I cried during the scene in Shameless when Ian comes out to Fiona. That really got me, but come out scenes in general always do.

There's a scene in Titanic that I find sad. When the ship is sinking, it shows two old people lying on their bed side by side, just waiting to die.

Oh and I'm told as a child I cried at ET, when he nearly dies and also at The Omen film with Delia, when a bunch of snakes attack some lady.

Lol, is that enough?
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# 53 : Friday 11-11-2005 @ 22:24
six feet under is over?died?
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# 54 : Friday 11-11-2005 @ 23:04
im not one for crying but i watched a documentary on bosnia and they interviewed lots of the older women who survived but had their husbands and teeenaged sons murdered...sometime in front of them....they also interviewed some really young survivirs whod seen their fathers shot and buried or left to rot in their garden...one kid was about 10 and he broke down crying because he wanted his daddy and brother back....heartwrenching stuff to watch ill tell ya

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# 55 : Friday 11-11-2005 @ 23:08
saw that docu,chilling,brought tears to my eyes too.
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# 56 : Friday 11-11-2005 @ 23:40
Yeah Robbie Six Feet Under is over. The last episode was on a couple of weeks ago.
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# 57 : Friday 11-11-2005 @ 23:52
missed the last episodes,did everyone die?how?was it a fantasy scene,i loved those >
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# 58 : Saturday 12-11-2005 @ 00:22
It showed how all the characters died and when. It was in the same form as the deaths at the start of every show, with the white screen etc. Claire was the last one alive. It was the best ending to a TV series I've seen in a while.
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# 59 : Sunday 13-11-2005 @ 14:48
I'm a sucker for tear jerkers, any bit of blubbering in a movie and i start crying.

I cried my eyes out in lion king, i'm so bad, i even cry through some romantic movies.
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# 60 : Sunday 13-11-2005 @ 16:10
E.T always makes me cry.....why doesn't he just stay with Eliott and then ask his alien family to pop back to earth from time to time to catch up! Its a very emotional movie!
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