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What TV Programmes/Movies Made You Cry?
# 61 : Sunday 13-11-2005 @ 18:14
The first film that made me cry was The Champ and the other one is Steel Magnolias
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# 62 : Sunday 13-11-2005 @ 20:30
I cried at The Lyrics Board. I burst into tears because such useless morons were able to peddle their filth to the public at the taxpayers expense.
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# 63 : Monday 21-11-2005 @ 00:52
i cried
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# 64 : Monday 21-11-2005 @ 00:57
ah bugger,i just wrote a heartfelt account of a gig i attended tonight in whelans where jimmy dale gilmores beautiful voice and songs brought tears to my eyes,donner unt blitzen,im the angriest man in the world right now.
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# 65 : Monday 21-11-2005 @ 01:31
The Champ was the first film that made me cry - can't remember which version. They're both desperately sad and there are so few weepies that revolve around father and son.

Most recently, the documentary "The Boy Whose Skin Fell Off" about the life and death of 36 year old Jonny Kennedy: the closing where he addresses the viewer.
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# 66 : Monday 21-11-2005 @ 09:56
I remember a film or TV programme called "life goes on" or "Corky" it was about this Down Syndrone guy and i just remember him a the end crying and say he just wants to be likedand accepted etc... it was the first on TV i was bawling to!!! Very sad
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# 67 : Monday 21-11-2005 @ 10:44
oh Wheelie, your just like me then, i was in a heap after that programe, the baked beans perked me up a bit though...do you also cray at the drop of a hat then ???
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# 68 : Monday 21-11-2005 @ 10:52
Patch Adams,when his Girlfriend was killed.

I have a soft spot for "weepie movies" it`s.In a hole in the back garden.
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# 69 : Monday 21-11-2005 @ 13:48
whenever i see someone drop a hat,i cry,dunno why?
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# 70 : Monday 21-11-2005 @ 15:09
The Lyrics Board upsets me greatly
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# 71 : Monday 21-11-2005 @ 15:11
i feel your pain music, its made my eyes and ears bleed
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# 72 : Monday 21-11-2005 @ 15:18
then dont watch it..why do people watch programmes they dont like. I agree its a rubbish show and havent watched any of it
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# 73 : Monday 21-11-2005 @ 15:23
There was a documentary that Bill hughes did about ten years ago called Fintan. It was about a guy a lot of us on the scene knew. He had AIDS and the documentary covered the last year or so of his life. I was in floods of tears watching that. I wish RTE would show that again.
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# 74 : Monday 21-11-2005 @ 15:45
In primary school we watched the "Land Before Time" - the cartoon with the little dinosaurs in it. I cried my eyes out when Little Foot's (a character) Mum died. And got the piss taken out of me for weeks!!

And it's still sad I know the characters' names!!!
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# 75 : Monday 21-11-2005 @ 16:51
One episode of Faking It - it was in the first series and it was about a really self concious guy who had to pretend he was a mouthy chef. Was very moving when he passed the test in the end.
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