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What TV Programmes/Movies Made You Cry?
# 76 : Monday 21-11-2005 @ 16:52
I saw Cold Mountain last night.....cried with boredom, does that count?
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# 77 : Monday 21-11-2005 @ 16:53
i saw harry potter last night, and also cied with boredom, if max's counts then mine does too
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# 78 : Tuesday 22-11-2005 @ 10:59
I watched Return to our lady's last night about Crumlin childrens hospital, i knew it was a mistake the second i started watching but i couldn't stop my self....I sobbed through the whole thing, it was gut wreachingly heartbreaking...those poor kids and parents...oh it was so sad.....you would want to be made of stone not to feel anything.....
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# 79 : Tuesday 22-11-2005 @ 11:03
Oh Lovelace, I was the exact same as you. I turned it over and started watching it. I kept saying I would turn it off but couldnt stop watching it. Wasn't the young lad with cystic fibrosis lovely - he was so stong and wise for his young age. My heart went out to all the parents esp the couple when their 5 year old has a relapse of leukimea. It was heartbreaking.
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# 80 : Tuesday 22-11-2005 @ 11:06
Bloody coincidence; I was watching Into the West and just then a dust storm took place right in the middle of my living room and I had tears in my eyes...from the dust, mind.
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# 81 : Tuesday 22-11-2005 @ 11:08
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# 82 : Tuesday 22-11-2005 @ 11:11

Its better than spaamatta!!
There really was a dust storm!
*looks smugly, obviously thinkin he's gotten away with it*
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# 83 : Wednesday 21-12-2005 @ 15:55
Futurama - the part where Fry's dog dies of old age waiting for him to come back from the future

sorry to resurect this thread but saw this episode of Futurama yesterday and it was soooo sad... it really upset me the poor dog dying at the end.
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# 84 : Wednesday 21-12-2005 @ 18:14
I know it was really touching, poor old dog....
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# 85 : Wednesday 21-12-2005 @ 19:33
Brigand, you were crying like a small girl when Sex and the City finished up.
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# 86 : Wednesday 21-12-2005 @ 19:38
well i can sympathise with him on that wheelie.

now my nights of sitting by the fire drinking cosmos or manhattans just aint the same
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# 87 : Wednesday 21-12-2005 @ 19:40
Funny, but when I first seen the original 'King Kong' movie as a kid, I was almost crying when he fell from the top of the Empire State Building, after being shot to bits
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# 88 : Friday 30-12-2005 @ 23:01
I know this is really sad and pathetic (yes I can admit this!) This film upsets me too much to see it again! Poor King Kong! It did make me cry when I was a child.
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# 89 : Friday 30-12-2005 @ 23:05
a couple episodes of casualty and the bill made me cry....

oh yeah... there was an episode of Buffy that made me cry, actually two of them, the first was the end of one of the series where she lies to angel and says she doesnt love him and she walks away, the music they played still makes me really sad and the very last episode where spike sacrifices himself to save everyone... oh feck... and the one where tara dies....

great... i'm turning into a girl...

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# 90 : Friday 30-12-2005 @ 23:06
Anything featuring Gerry Ryan. He looks like a brylcreened slug with appropriate personality traits.
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