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Slurs At Work
# 46 : Thursday 1-12-2005 @ 18:13
yes ppl get to worked up about things.it not like he was targeting a specific person to bully.though i can see it is a stupid thing to say not cos it about gay.just it stupid.
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# 47 : Thursday 1-12-2005 @ 18:23
your over reacting, he is just trying to macho. u know a lad, i dont think hes actually hateful towards gay people.
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# 48 : Thursday 1-12-2005 @ 18:32
Straight people say that because they equate homosexual as being a bit camp and over the top. Hence fancy teas were homosexual. I'm not saying it is right or wrong. But there will come a stage when no one can say anything about anything for fear of offending someone. People make unPC jokes all the time, sometimes its just to take the piss out of political correctness and not the actual subject matter itself. Maybe words ill chosen, but there was nothing meant by it.. We all do unPC to a certain degree, it would be a very serious world if we didn't, all the people that think they are holier than thou should have a look around the glass house first!
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# 49 : Thursday 1-12-2005 @ 20:09
I think your boss needs to step out of the past.
I like green tea (especially after a major drinking session, it helps detox the liver).
I also quite like some of those fruit/herbal mixes you can get in the supermarket.
Nothing gay about tea for fecks sake.

Everything comes in different flavours, so whats wrong with an alternative tea?

The guy sounds like a total moron.
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# 50 : Thursday 1-12-2005 @ 20:38
Your sooooooo gay @ S4

Like loosey said all his str8 mates only drink tetleys - get with the program
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# 51 : Thursday 1-12-2005 @ 20:57
Tetley - god that's such a girly tea. What about Lyons? Now there's a proper manly tea.
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# 52 : Thursday 1-12-2005 @ 21:01
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# 53 : Thursday 1-12-2005 @ 21:27
We all have a sense of humour and we are all aware that the extremes of political correctness can leave people afraid to open their mouths in case they offend someone but in my experience, homophobic comments in the work place are never made srt8 out, they are always wrapped in a joke. Context is all important and if you know the person then the first reaction in your mind is usually accurate.

Any manager worth their salt is concerned about reaching their targets or deadlines, not what an individual gets up to in their personal lives and those who have problems with issues which are none of their business are always incompetent. It’s not political correctness, its called professionalism.

I don’t drink tea BTW I leave that to the srt8 boys.
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# 54 : Thursday 1-12-2005 @ 21:37
Can't believe this thread got 4 pages - how Fuckin Boring - like big deal he said you were a poof for drinking green tea - I'm sure you show your gayness of in more ways like when you prey on all the staright boys in your job and then go to the toilet and wank of .. get over it innit
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# 55 : Thursday 1-12-2005 @ 21:37
When was he concerned what an individual gets up to in their personal life? and when did he have a problem with it?
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# 56 : Thursday 1-12-2005 @ 21:54
Blkjumper - When was he concerned what an individual gets up to in their personal life? and when did he have a problem with it?
Pipdog in his post didn’t state if it was known he was gay or if this was one of a series but as a general rule, if someone makes a comment like ‘who owns the gay teas’ then it’s fairly obvious he has a problem? It’s not brain surgery luv.

You coming to the next meet Blkjumper? I would love to meet you.
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# 57 : Thursday 1-12-2005 @ 22:00
I know we tend to clash a bit SI, but I just didn't read it like that - I read it like, boss and employee making tea in the kitchen, chat chat, yada yada, boss sees fancy tea bags, and said jaysus who owns the homosexual tea bags? doesn't even think what he said and moves on, not even thinking to himself that the guy next to him could be gay, not PC, but that’s life.
Its not brain surgery but its also not finding an insult in EVEYTHING!!
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# 58 : Thursday 1-12-2005 @ 22:22
Blkjumper - its also not finding an insult in EVEYTHING!!

This is a written medium so even if you were having a conversation with someone about the incident you would decipher a lot more information. As I said previously, context is all important and if you know the person then the first reaction in your mind is usually accurate.

On the other hand, it probably suits some that its a written medium because they can score points about hypothetical abstract situations which actually don’t exist in the real world.
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# 59 : Friday 2-12-2005 @ 10:23
He doesn't know I'm gay and he's made use of the word 'homosexual' a number of times always in a disparaging manner.
Funny he sees himself as liberal and interested in the arts but I think at heart he's a bigot. Anyway I'm looking for a new job folks. Thanks for the feedback.
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# 60 : Friday 2-12-2005 @ 10:25
i find it strange that you would not have mentioned that in your initial post, are you sure your not adding it now because the majority of posters have said you making a big deal out of it?
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