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National Protest 9th December 2005
# 16 : Tuesday 6-12-2005 @ 12:40
Oh yes 280 euro a week is far too much for anyone. How dare those common scoundrels ask for enough to live on!!!
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# 17 : Tuesday 6-12-2005 @ 12:41
I say, unskilled workers should starve!
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# 18 : Tuesday 6-12-2005 @ 12:48
Shut yer hole lightning!
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# 19 : Tuesday 6-12-2005 @ 12:50
I think Frodo and Lightening highlight the need for unions.
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# 20 : Tuesday 6-12-2005 @ 12:50
I do? How?
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# 21 : Tuesday 6-12-2005 @ 13:00
If you think that protests are communist nonsense and the unskilled should starve, you certainly justify the case for unions, don't you think?
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# 22 : Tuesday 6-12-2005 @ 13:03
I think a ferry plying its trade between two EU ports should have to pay the minimum wage that applies in at least one of those ports. Something similar to this operates as regards environmental standards. I don't see why labour standards should be any different.
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# 23 : Tuesday 6-12-2005 @ 13:05
well when i said the unskilled should starve i was being sarcastic just like Penny before me. The " " should have been a clue.

Most protests are indeed nonsense and union are communists who have no place in this modern world
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# 24 : Tuesday 6-12-2005 @ 13:05
Penny the title is misleading - it is not a strike but a protest
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# 25 : Tuesday 6-12-2005 @ 13:09
Fair enough Frodo, but how are Unions communist?

You wouldn't have the better living standards today without the Partership deal which the unions played a major part in negotiating
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# 26 : Tuesday 6-12-2005 @ 13:09
Unions do indeed have a place in the modern world - would you Frodo work an 84 hour week for 1 Euro an hour like that woman from the Phillipines - This is about the rights of workers - the CEO of Irish Ferries earns 687,000 a year - he wouldn't work for 3.65 an hour - this is slavery and exploitation - nothing more and it is sickening that people are supporting this
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# 27 : Tuesday 6-12-2005 @ 18:09
Unions my arse - only out for themselves.....I think stronger employment legisalation is the way to go - get rid of unions.....not a hope of me going to this "national protest"
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# 28 : Tuesday 6-12-2005 @ 18:22
I'll be on the protest and I will lose half a day's pay because of it. If it escalates, I would be willing to lose a week's pay over the issue.

Can any of those that are saying they will not be supporting the unions provide a coherent argument as to why not, preferably one that displays they actually know what the dispute is about?

That means no 'you are all commies', 'unions are crap', 'I'm all right Jack' replies.

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# 29 : Tuesday 6-12-2005 @ 18:59
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# 30 : Tuesday 6-12-2005 @ 19:16
I have a question to ask - not preaching on either side!

If Irish Ferries do not instigate this policy, will they cease to trade? In such case, what will happen to all the goods that need to be shipped to Ireland from Pembroke? If they go out of business, and the business is picked up by another company, who pays the same wages as they are proposing, what will be the difference?
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