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National Protest 9th December 2005
# 91 : Saturday 10-12-2005 @ 16:53
Actually to be honest, been so BUSY over the last while I didn't realise until later on march day that the exploitation of workers and fair wages was in fact a bigger issue than I was led to believe - I was quite impressed when watching news reports later that the issues of exploitation was very much to the forefront, and that the vox pop with the 'ordinary person' showed that this was there primary concern too.

You see, I just see IF as the pantomime bad guy in the situation, because it’s SO in your face, but in fact would happen over time anyway, it’s just that they are doing it so fast and so unsympathetically, but I do think, sadly, that it is the reality. And it has to be said, a lot of this reality, is Europe’s own doing with general protectionist policies which filter down the line, making Europe a Mecca for immigrants etc etc.

In general it think the situation is very unpleasant, and its very unpalatable the way IF went about it, but I have to say I do think it is the stony cold reality of the way things are going, I think we should try and put a decent slant to these changes rather than stop the inevitable.
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# 92 : Saturday 10-12-2005 @ 18:32
I think this whole disgraceful situation brings up two separate issues. One is the treatment of immigrant workers but the more important is loosing our jobs to cheaper labour .

We have one if not the most globalised economies in the world and that is directly due to the policies of successive governments where indigenous industries were starved while tax breaks were given in abundance to large Corporations.

The one good thing to come out of Friday was the fact that everyone now knows the situation and as consumers, they can make their minds up as to if they care enough to boycott Irish Ferries.

I think it was great to see so many people taking to the Streets like they did because if nothing more, it serves a reminder to those in power that not everyone thinks this country is going in the right direction and the sooner that view is transferred into electoral votes, the better. The Progressive Democrats in particular are one of the smallest parties in the Dail yet hold a level of both power and influence which is a corruption of democracy if ever there was one.
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# 93 : Saturday 10-12-2005 @ 18:46
Cheap labour seems to be the way to go these days, foutunatley, they soon learn they are getting ripped-off, and start looking for what they are really worth.
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