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What Would You Blog?
# 16 : Tuesday 6-12-2005 @ 15:18
That would be some blog fight, Jaysus!

Go get 'im Fido!
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# 17 : Tuesday 6-12-2005 @ 15:20
Oh it is on...wait till those blogs are back up and running I am gonna do something soo outragious it will win hands down....hmmm now what can I do.......
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# 18 : Tuesday 6-12-2005 @ 15:34
there is one blog id like to do and that would be about my sister that had a baby 1 1/2 ago and he has cerebral pasley and she is now pregnant again and i really hope things go well for her this time
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# 19 : Tuesday 6-12-2005 @ 15:40
I am gonna do something soo outragious it will win hands down

Goddammit, No one told me it was a competition!
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# 20 : Tuesday 6-12-2005 @ 15:42
Na we were joking...its not a competition.

@Pink Lady my thoughts are with your sister...I hope things go well for her.
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# 21 : Tuesday 6-12-2005 @ 15:51
thanks Jaysus so do I, she only 25 and has a lot on her plate
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# 22 : Tuesday 6-12-2005 @ 16:52
Just a note to point out that the blogs will look much the same. Its the interface that's changing - posting a blog will be exactly like posting a topic on the boards. Plus everyone will be able to set one up instantly without invovling me (Yay!)
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# 23 : Tuesday 6-12-2005 @ 16:55
so less work for you thomas...........what are we paying you for
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# 24 : Tuesday 6-12-2005 @ 17:05
Oh that's just a little sweetener for me. The real benefit of the upgrade will be in the way gaire members can post comments easily and the bloggers won't have to deal with the insane comment spam of late.
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# 25 : Tuesday 6-12-2005 @ 18:34
well J, they sound like interesting enough topics......which is good cause as of late the blogs have been mega boring

I reckon some new blood in blog land is badly needed - good on ya thomas
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# 26 : Wednesday 7-12-2005 @ 20:34
Sounds good, Thomas!!

If I could blog today, it would be to write about being together with Eils for one whole year today. On this night last year, I walked into GUBU and said "Wow" when I saw her waiting for me. I still go "wow" when I see her. We are about to celebrate our second Xmas together. Thank you Gaire for bringing a truly wonderful woman into my life.
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# 27 : Wednesday 7-12-2005 @ 20:35
Ah Catz - that's sooo cute....Congratulations on your one year anniversary....ur defnitely a couple that's meant to be together....(hopefully we'll have civil partnership for your next anniversary)
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# 28 : Wednesday 7-12-2005 @ 21:03
Thanks Brig
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# 29 : Wednesday 7-12-2005 @ 23:01
wow,its been a year???congratulations of the highest order to you both,an example to us all,hope yeel be at the meet to flaunt your togetherness at all the sad soloists,oh hang on,that includes me,damn,dont so.
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# 30 : Wednesday 7-12-2005 @ 23:24
@cats 'n' eils - go you! Inspirational.

I'd blog about me life. It's been an amazingly traumatic year. Brother died, and three other people I knew, and 3 more who were close to family members or friends. So many funerals. But in the midst of it all, my lovely sister, who has never been able to get pregnant, finally did. We're all hoping and hoping. She's never been pregnant this long before.

Ok - zOz - this isn't the blog
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