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# 1 : Wednesday 7-12-2005 @ 21:44
Has anyone ever won anything in a competition? All the comps that are on throughout the day on the radio etc. If so, what has been the best/worst prizes that you've won?

Always wondered!!

I know, too much time on my hands!!
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# 2 : Wednesday 7-12-2005 @ 23:07
the best i got was a week in california with passes to disneyland and a car.that was a radio comp,the best "in store" win was a car,there were loads of others,none bad cos all are good,the kick of winning is always great.it used to amaze(and delight)me that there was only about 20 of us hard core compers active in ireland,this defeatist attitude yielded me many a fine holiday,thanks everyone for not bothering your arses.
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# 3 : Wednesday 7-12-2005 @ 23:20
I won a Brendan Bowyer album once for knowing some obscure fact about joni mitchell.

Never listened to it.

My friend just won the 98FM Harry Potter quiz
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# 4 : Wednesday 7-12-2005 @ 23:29
@butters - a friend is one of those competition entrants. They enter them all and win a lot of stuff. But you seem to have been fairly lucky. I guess it's the finish the sentence bits that you win.

I like monosodium soup because ....
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# 5 : Thursday 8-12-2005 @ 01:16
because im a stupid c*nt.
i have that brendan bowyer cd too,im afraid to listen to it.
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# 6 : Thursday 8-12-2005 @ 01:23
Me and 2 mates once won the jackpot on one of them Who wants to be a Millionaire quiz machines they have in some pubs - I can still hear the coins flying out * ker-ching ker-ching ker-ching... *
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# 7 : Thursday 8-12-2005 @ 01:31
its a lovely feeling isnt it?
i spend ages on slogans because i love it,its great fun,just thought of a reply to zozs tie breaker,its crap,but"itsglutforyamate",im ashamed,im very ashamed.
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# 8 : Thursday 8-12-2005 @ 01:35
Well considering the challenge, it's very good.
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# 9 : Thursday 8-12-2005 @ 01:46
I couldn't win an argument.

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# 10 : Thursday 8-12-2005 @ 01:47

Ok Kev- you win that argument...

(ooooh... paradox)

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# 11 : Thursday 8-12-2005 @ 02:00
ta zoz,the afore mentioned fiver is in the post,winging its way to you,congratulations,youre a winner.
yknow,whether its a prize bond letter where they tease you with the announcement that you have won a monetary prize,and its always 75 euros,great,yeah,like i didnt really want the top prize,anyway the buzz is totally great,just winning is the real prize,screw the caribbean cruise and the weekends in new york(im just showing off now,boxfresh is to blame)but honestly,the sheer fun and excitement of getting that letter through the letterbox is the most exhilerating feeling,that your humble effort in ten words or less has worked to get you a week in,say, the nearest bar to shannon to have an evening with tommytheman discussing,well?tommy?:cant imagine what i would have in common with that commoner,other than the fact that i love limerick.
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# 12 : Thursday 8-12-2005 @ 08:46
I won a full house once at Shirleys Bingo
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# 13 : Thursday 8-12-2005 @ 08:46
i never win anything but my bf is always on FM104, he has won an apple i mac computer an i pod, weekends away, concert tickets....this list goes on
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# 14 : Thursday 8-12-2005 @ 08:51
I've won concert tickets twice
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# 15 : Thursday 8-12-2005 @ 08:53
Spin FM is good for concert/club tickets I find
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