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# 16 : Thursday 8-12-2005 @ 10:00
I called into TodayFM today for the Shootout and got through and she took my details and everything but the bitch never called me back
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# 17 : Friday 12-1-2007 @ 18:44
I won a golfing holiday to Cork in Tescos and my brother won a weekend in Paris also from Tescos within a month of each other!
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# 18 : Friday 12-1-2007 @ 18:48
I wouldnt win an argument if i started it myself !!
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# 19 : Friday 12-1-2007 @ 19:00
anybody have an o'neils odd one out hoodie or a bobble head ray??
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# 20 : Friday 12-1-2007 @ 19:07
Someone got me a Cover Shots professional make-up and photography session.
I won a best photo competition thing they were running and the prize was another photo session so I gave it to someone else.

I have also won a Friends box set.

The latest Fatboyslim cd.

100 euro in a Christmas draw.
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# 21 : Friday 12-1-2007 @ 19:11
Never won anything in my life. Apart from annual prizegivings when at school and they don't count.

*EDIT* - Actually I did win a "Blue Peter" badge in one of their competitions. Never received it though. No word of a lie.

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# 22 : Friday 12-1-2007 @ 19:14
frm me too you eirgiz...
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# 23 : Friday 12-1-2007 @ 19:15
Aw! Thanks Supra
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# 24 : Saturday 13-1-2007 @ 18:02
when I was 10 I won a tin of biscuits at my sisters school play in a raffle does that count?
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# 25 : Thursday 8-2-2007 @ 15:07
my new years resolution this year is to win a competition! I don't give a fuck what it is or what the prize is but I'm going to win one this year if it kills me!

Nothing won by week 5!
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# 26 : Thursday 8-2-2007 @ 15:09
Elat just a thought - I presume you are actually entering loads of competitions

*legs it*
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# 27 : Thursday 8-2-2007 @ 15:15
of course!! my failures in the last 5 weeks have been about 4 european holidays, countless dvd/cdamagigs, a tv, oh, and a few other things.
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# 28 : Thursday 8-2-2007 @ 15:32
I've won loads and load of competitions in my life...right from when I was a lad...
Loads of silly prizes for essay writing and quizzes....
but mainstream competitions...
I've won loads of concert tickets and shopping vouchers on the web...
Biggest Prize to Date:
I won the You Say - We Pay phone in on the Richard and Judy show on Channel Four back in June 03 - a tidy €10,000
also got onto the Irish version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? but I never got past the 'fastest finger first'
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# 29 : Thursday 8-2-2007 @ 16:15
wow cormo!! is it like a hobby or are you really lucky? or both?
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# 30 : Thursday 8-2-2007 @ 16:17
@cormo fastest knob first and you would have been in there
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