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# 31 : Thursday 8-2-2007 @ 16:33
@ elat.....

it's a bit of both.....I realised that I've a knack for competitions and of course that makes me enter more and more...

has anyone ever seen those documentaries about these guys who make a living from entering competitions around the clock...they've got like 50 phone lines into the house....all on automatic rediall into the various competition lines etc etc....fascination...
of course, as the saying goes....Only In America....
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# 32 : Thursday 8-2-2007 @ 16:56
Worked in marketing agencies for years - you'd be surprised at how few entries some competitions get - I'd always advise people to enter as many as they can.
Won a grand at a casino night before Christmas...nice timing
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# 33 : Thursday 8-2-2007 @ 18:44
I also worked in a marketing agency, and we ran the competitions for some pretty well know brands. We had two competitions running simultaneously.

One had a top prize of a fortnights holiday in the Maldives. It was worth over £10K, the other had a leather jacket. We got 16,000 entries in the competition for the jacket, and 224 for the holiday.

People get put off entering if the prize seems unattainable.

My sister is the luckiest competition bint ever. She won a holiday to Venice a while ago with Gordon's gin.

I won a holiday for two in the Orient Express hotel in Istanbul a couple of years ago.
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# 34 : Thursday 8-2-2007 @ 18:48
Never had that luck.But then again i do not enter many competitions and the reason being is what Cheezy stated.
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# 35 : Thursday 8-2-2007 @ 18:50
won 8 punts on lotto about 15 yrs ago also a raffle in scouts for bottle of whiskey which my da loved
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# 36 : Thursday 8-2-2007 @ 20:20
i won a 1,000euro make over and in the last two weeks i won a weekend away in a 4star hotel really looking 4ward 2 that
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# 37 : Friday 9-2-2007 @ 13:46
congratulations Jakelaine,enjoy your prize,and well done Cormo.I won return tickets to Paris in a competition where 500 were on offer,only 84 bothered to enter.Its a shame that there are so few slogan competitions around these days,they were always great fun.
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# 38 : Friday 9-2-2007 @ 13:52
Makes ya think doesn't it...so few entering....
I was trying to get through to Richard and Judy for months...sporadically, trying every now and again....and one day I got through, a voice mail question which I answered and forgot about. 20 Minutes later...ring ring... london accent ..hi this is Lisa from Channel Four's Richard and Judy show....my heart really started to beat coz you are soooo guaranteed to win a few grand at least on that.....
Is it still on?
Does anyone know...or remember it?
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# 39 : Friday 9-2-2007 @ 14:08
A complete silver service dinner set
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# 40 : Saturday 10-2-2007 @ 00:15
Richard Branson is offering a 12.5 million prize in a competition, you have to submit an idea on how to save the planet.

Scientists need only apply!
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# 41 : Saturday 10-2-2007 @ 00:48
someones on the sauce!
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# 42 : Saturday 10-2-2007 @ 00:50
Jees i only had a few
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# 43 : Saturday 10-2-2007 @ 00:50
I won six months worth of free passes to Glitz there a few weeks ago.
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# 44 : Saturday 10-2-2007 @ 00:55
@ Blurteen...
but your big long post is full of big long nothing......
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# 45 : Saturday 10-2-2007 @ 00:57
I can't figure out how that happened, god i will have to try and edit that,
it looks Manic!
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