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Friday Is Alcohol Appreciation Night
# 1 : Thursday 8-12-2005 @ 11:46
anyone interested in a few drinks tomorow night. ive no plans made for the weekend execpt for finalising my trip to oz. im gonna have to start saving a few quid so a night on the town is off the cards.
i know its short notice and you all probably have plans made but forget them and come to casa loosey and help me to celebrate one of mans finer inventions, alcohol, the cause of and solution to all lifes problems (simpson, h.)
doors open at 7:00, bring some booze, and some cd's if you want to hear something other than new order.
house rules apply.
rule 1. 'if you have nothing to add to drunken debates then shut up and drink, or do a silly little dance which will bring the discussion to a halt.
rule 2. dont touch my bulmers. this can not be stressed enough, also, i may be cheeky but im not a girl and you cant touch my bum.
rule 3. there is no fight club

looking forward to seeing you all for fun, banter and most importantly drink.
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# 2 : Thursday 8-12-2005 @ 11:53
Too many rules!
I would attend the appreciation night but I just found out the poxy job are not giving us a double weeks pay for the krimbo so I have to watch the sponds or else the nieces will be getting work stationary for Christmas...again. I'd say twill be a good night anyway and I'm sure if any newbies were to pluck up da courage to attend, they'll be well looked after. Seeya for the Krimbo meet.
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# 3 : Thursday 8-12-2005 @ 11:54
shall i reserve your usuall room sir?
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# 4 : Thursday 8-12-2005 @ 11:56
Why thank you, Jives, that would be most helpful!!

Cheers bud!
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# 5 : Thursday 8-12-2005 @ 11:57
If I can't touch your bum what's the point??!
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# 6 : Thursday 8-12-2005 @ 11:59
you can touch everyone elses
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# 7 : Thursday 8-12-2005 @ 12:12
I think I'll make it as I cant go to the X-Mas meet (and the thought of Frodo touching my big white ass tipped it for me)
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# 8 : Thursday 8-12-2005 @ 12:13
yes, that would do it for everyone!
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# 9 : Thursday 8-12-2005 @ 12:17
I might come over for a few. Bit stony myself.
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# 10 : Thursday 8-12-2005 @ 12:59
nice one penny, aint seen ya for ages
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# 11 : Thursday 8-12-2005 @ 14:38
everyone is welcome to come along
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# 12 : Thursday 8-12-2005 @ 14:48
@Loosey you have mail!

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# 13 : Thursday 8-12-2005 @ 14:52
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# 14 : Thursday 8-12-2005 @ 15:12
i take it back, just got the mail.
if people are coming let me know, as i want to know how many are coming, if your names not down dont expect the bouncers to let you pass the velvet rope. and i might pick up a few munchies so i dont want to over or under purchase

so far:
sheeben + friend
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# 15 : Thursday 8-12-2005 @ 15:27
Can't make it tomorrow, Loosey. Hopefully you will appreciate alcohol on other nights too.

Delighted that you are heading to Oz. Deffo the right decision!!
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