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Cock Rings
# 16 : Sunday 11-12-2005 @ 05:02
I have a selection too
If i was allowed to direct you to my gaydar profile you could see one of them.

Oh yes they are always being detected in the airport.

About a month ago the security guy searched my bag blushed at my chaps and almost came in hs pants when he looked at the cockring. Then he said "have fun"
I said i woukd and he winked, hot eastern european guy.

in any case just back ... ah thats another thead for tomorrow

some of you put some strange things aroud your cocks!
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# 17 : Monday 12-12-2005 @ 11:50
@ butters you mad thing...

I 'd say they see some sights through the airport x-ray thingy, i know i did once, thought i'd have a look at my bag going through the x-ray machine, i nearly go sick when i saw what "surprise" hubby had put into it, i could have happily kicked him in the bollox there and then....
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# 18 : Monday 12-12-2005 @ 11:54
Really makes me laugh when I see your avatar next to 'Cock rings' Lovelace
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# 19 : Monday 12-12-2005 @ 11:58
forgot about that Marcel..

They can come in handy the auld cock ring, handy if you have nothing on hand to tie your hair back...
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# 20 : Monday 12-12-2005 @ 12:16
Could be worse...Lovelace could be locked on a thread called "girl with huge pussy"
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# 21 : Tuesday 13-12-2005 @ 09:38
Ha ha ha this is gas!! Keep em coming!!

*takes out xmas wish list..... Gentlemen's Costume Jewellery *

Every time my cock rings, i hust hit it and roll over
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# 22 : Tuesday 13-12-2005 @ 10:31
A friend of mine was on holidays a few years ago with some mates of his, and one day one of the lads came into the kitchen stark naked and said "Does this cock ring make me look fat?"
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# 23 : Tuesday 17-7-2007 @ 13:58
i hate cock rings!
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# 24 : Tuesday 17-7-2007 @ 14:01
lol since you deicded to drag up an old thread to say you hate them that might mean you got your willy caught in a ring and are now trying to get it off
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# 25 : Tuesday 17-7-2007 @ 14:09
no! they remind me of old people!
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# 26 : Tuesday 17-7-2007 @ 14:10
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# 27 : Tuesday 17-7-2007 @ 14:47
They look quite horny imo I imagine they would make the balls nicer to get touched
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# 28 : Tuesday 17-7-2007 @ 14:50
bbe: just grab a few elastic bands or a roll of selotape and *hey presto* your very own cock ring!!!

*ta da*
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# 29 : Tuesday 17-7-2007 @ 14:52
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# 30 : Tuesday 17-7-2007 @ 14:55
Someone said :
bbe: just grab a few elastic bands or a roll of selotape and *hey presto* your very own cock ring!!!

*ta da*

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