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Manwe's Coming Home March 31st
# 16 : Wednesday 14-12-2005 @ 09:10
Lock up yer sons...the man is coming back
Hope to be there mister
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# 17 : Wednesday 14-12-2005 @ 12:59
Woo Hoo!!! The more the merrier. Can't wait to see you all there. I'm all excira now!!!!
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# 18 : Wednesday 14-12-2005 @ 13:18
its the day after my work party so ill probably be in bits, but i wouldnt miss it for the world.
cant wait to see you again dude
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# 19 : Wednesday 14-12-2005 @ 13:27
Manwe Which one is he again?

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# 20 : Wednesday 14-12-2005 @ 13:34
Ah for feck`s sake.Do you really have to come back.What did we do on you to deserve this.
I`ll do my best to be there (just to get you drunk and feckin well send ya back.
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# 21 : Wednesday 14-12-2005 @ 19:05
AW, guys I really am looking forward to seeing you all!

Loosey, I'm sure you'll be able to manage a cider...or twelve!

Missy, how can you say things like that! I remember you...all too well

Termy, You know you love me really!!!
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# 22 : Monday 19-12-2005 @ 15:27
*bump*Myself and the better half hope to be there..What`s the arrangements..
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# 23 : Monday 19-12-2005 @ 15:32
Well Im definetly going and hopefully should be back on both my feet again but wont be drinking as on anti-b's
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# 24 : Monday 19-12-2005 @ 16:59
the arrangement...?? Manwe will be there ...the pints will be flowing...someone pick him up and point him in the right direction at the end of the night....that sorta sums it up, aren't I right, manwe??
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# 25 : Monday 19-12-2005 @ 18:18
Termi....can't wait to see you dude.

Shovels (glad to see you got your accounts sorted out....dumbass!) See you thursday evening

Boxers: Blow it out your ass!

Basically, 8:30 in GUBU, I'll be the one intravenously hooked up to the Miller tap!

Hope to see you all there!

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# 26 : Thursday 22-12-2005 @ 15:12
Well guys, I'm BAAAACCCKKKK! Got in about 5:30 yesterday evening and was picked up by my dad. Pretty much went straight to the pub with the family and then headed up to my best friends house and stayed the night with her. 2 bottles of wine, a broken glass and a hangover later I'm back home.

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow night everyone. Can't wait to see you all there.
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# 27 : Thursday 22-12-2005 @ 15:31
Have a good one, Manwe Soho will be in mourning, tonight
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# 28 : Thursday 22-12-2005 @ 21:53
hoping to get in for a swift half or two.friday is my visit the orphans,feed the hungry and give shelter to the homeless night.
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# 29 : Friday 23-12-2005 @ 11:11
Hey butters, hope you make it in dude. Haven't seen you since that memorable night in Barcode!

Tonights the night people. I'll be propping the bar up from about 8:30 in Gubu tonight. I really would like to see as many of the Gaireans as possible.

Looking forward to it folks!!!!

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# 30 : Friday 23-12-2005 @ 11:16
Hiya Nutter.We hope to be there around 7.30.I`m leaving the car in town so myself and the "better half" can have a pint or ten..
Looking forward to seeng ya later on..
Mailed ya..
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