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Manwe's Coming Home March 31st
# 76 : Tuesday 28-3-2006 @ 18:28
Ok, Anyone who wants to hook up for a few beers with me on Saturday night I'll (We'll ) be in GUBU between 8:30 and 9:00.

Maybe slighty well on at that stage as have to go via my brothers 30th b'day piss up in clondalkin beforehand.....oh dear!

Hope to see you on saturday.

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# 77 : Tuesday 28-3-2006 @ 18:35

Tsk Manwe - Tsk! Saturday night is the night of the Sillicon pub quiz.

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# 78 : Tuesday 28-3-2006 @ 18:36
Ah Manwe, I'm going to Waterford on Sat night. How long are you home for?
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# 79 : Tuesday 28-3-2006 @ 18:49
Have a great weekend, Manwe
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# 80 : Tuesday 28-3-2006 @ 19:07
Just for the weekend Dirha and only making it into town on the saturday night. Will have to catch up with you again.

Thanks flamey, I intend to, despite it being a family orientated weekend.
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# 81 : Tuesday 28-3-2006 @ 19:22
Hurrah! Welcome back to Ireland Manwe - even though I have no intention of meeting you for drinks, and indeed wouldn't know you from Adam - please accept my felicitations upon your return to the Emerald Isle. Do keep us posted on your whereabouts now. I'm told that global positioning can do wonders - we could even track you via Google Earth! Once again, welcome home!
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# 82 : Tuesday 28-3-2006 @ 20:32
Beware the ides of March,,,as King Lear once said to Macbeth,,,(what is an 'ide' anyway when it's at home - no smart answers from fans of George Bernard Shaw, please) Were they at the beginning or the end of the month, does anyone remember? Oh, who cares - I certainly don’t. I always hated The Canterbury Tales, actually.

Well, Mister Manwe, with that admonition in mind, and because I have 10 minutes left to kill here at work, El Staighre would like to append his name to the lenghty tally of "failte romhat aris's" which have been winging their way from said website to you, this Mid-Spring eve. I don't know you from Madam Bovary either, and come to think of it, your username sounds like you might be foreign, in which case, forget it – ye come over here, take our jobs, take our men, take our parking spaces at Nutgrove, it makes me sick, frankly - but unlike the ungracious, abusive and lets-face-it slightly malevolent responses of the last few posters, I personally will gladly meet you anytime for a few drinks to help you re-acclimatize yourself. To readjust yourself to life in this parochial backwater on Europes Western seaboard. And help reaffirm your faith in the humanity of Gaireans. Forget those other time-wasters. I'm ready. Just say when. (I am of slim build, have a very large endowment, sun bleached hair, turquoise eyes and lilac-y coloured lips. Great GSOH. Fiscally sound. An itchy flaky scalp. Spent time inside. Basic French. Once saw Esther Rantzen coming out of a branch of Sainsburys with 2 baguettes and a potted nasturtium. Collect loose chippings. Member of Young Fine Gael. Text me, yeah?)

Oh there's Mammy outside the window. She's beeping the horn. I'd better go,,,,

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# 83 : Tuesday 28-3-2006 @ 21:56
have a good night manwe, will not make it up there this weekend.
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# 84 : Tuesday 28-3-2006 @ 22:34
If you're in Dublin Staurday night that is 1st April - so you should change the thread title?
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# 85 : Tuesday 28-3-2006 @ 23:28
that manwe,such an april fool.
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# 86 : Tuesday 28-3-2006 @ 23:31
im totally skint but ill deffo pop down to say hello
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# 87 : Tuesday 28-3-2006 @ 23:47

Here's the deal. I've a question. Is Manwe one and the same as...


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# 88 : Tuesday 28-3-2006 @ 23:49
good god no, the one on the bottom WISHES he was manwe, he was so upset at being an inferior copy they let him edit some silly magazine
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# 89 : Tuesday 28-3-2006 @ 23:51
That's Ok then.

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# 90 : Tuesday 28-3-2006 @ 23:53
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