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Gays In Telly Programmes
# 1 : Wednesday 14-12-2005 @ 20:37
An interesting point by ronebofh over on livejournal:

" I think i put my finger on why big flamers on TV (like Carson Fartknocker on "Queer Eye", Jack on "Will & Grace", and the bald guy on "Sex and the City") piss me off; they're homosexual minstrel shows. They just shuck and jive because that's what the straights want to see them do. "

( http://www.livejournal.com/users/ronebofh/)

I'm inclined to agree with him.
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# 2 : Wednesday 14-12-2005 @ 20:39
Yes ... same with the mince merchant on Corrie.
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# 3 : Wednesday 14-12-2005 @ 20:57
If each and every one of us was writing the same letter to the producers, that is more letter then they receive from young pensioners, could that change?
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# 4 : Wednesday 14-12-2005 @ 21:47
Some TV shows do have gay characters that don't meet the stereotype though.

Matt in Melrose Place was one- although probably cos Fox never allowed him to snog anyone, and all the other guys in it were waaaaay fitter.

And Irish TV doesn't do too badly, such as the nurse in The Clinic, or the gay teacher in Fair City a few years ago.

However, you can't forget that the stereotype does really exist - witness the likes of Marco, Brian Dowling and the guy in last year's BB who had the crush on Anth'ny - camp, camp and camp!
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# 5 : Wednesday 14-12-2005 @ 21:55
I think the more interesting questions is why so many gay men feel so threatend by the very notion of camp/effemenite men.

If camp men are ministrel shows does that leave the livejournal writer as an "uncle tom"

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# 6 : Wednesday 14-12-2005 @ 22:07
A fair point, Rubberyboy, and pertinent to me given that in the past on these boards I have muttered unpleasantnesses about classified adverts that use terms like "straight acting".

I wonder, though, if the LJer had a point in that the portrayal of gay men in only (or predominantly) as camp.

Mind you, I have only seen one of these programmes myself (W&G), and with the campness goes a shallowness, albeit a shallowness that pervades the entire programme.
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# 7 : Wednesday 14-12-2005 @ 22:18
They just shuck and jive because that's what the straights want to see them do ."

Eh?? No!!

I think I covered this in another thread.
That 'Clap like a seal', 'dance about', 'Roll your eyes' crap pisses me right off.

I switch it off straight away.

Sounds like more self obsessed "Ooh the straights want to see this and know that".

We aint the ones who make a big deal of you being gay.
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# 8 : Wednesday 14-12-2005 @ 22:26
I switch it off straight away.


Bit homophobic are we S4??

Bit close to the bone perhaps?
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# 9 : Wednesday 14-12-2005 @ 23:01
ah cheezy, leave it out and give super a break.
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# 10 : Wednesday 14-12-2005 @ 23:09
In answer to that age old question about why gay men hate the stereotype, it's fairly obvious.

We are jeered and slagged for years and likened to that stereotype until we hate it.

We are expected to be that stereotype when in fact the vast majority of us aren't a bit like that.

Because those stereotypes are 'obviously' gay then they are seen as the only version of gay. The use of the stereotype in popular entertainment, enforces that false stereotype in the general psyche. It does us no favours. It's irritating. It's unrepresentative.
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# 11 : Wednesday 14-12-2005 @ 23:14
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# 12 : Wednesday 14-12-2005 @ 23:20
some are just master baiters.
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# 13 : Wednesday 14-12-2005 @ 23:22

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# 14 : Wednesday 14-12-2005 @ 23:46
I figure when you turn on the television, you should remember that you have entered the marketplace just as much as if you walked into Tesco's. You're being sold something, and clearly, what the market wants to 'buy' in this case, is the camp stereotype, not a standard, run-of-the-mill "straight-looking" gay man. Why it wants to have this product rather than another is the really interesting question.

It's quite natural for everyone to look into the media for a reflection of themselves as seen by others, characters to identify with. When all you see looking back is a character which is meant to represent you, but is clearly a caricature, and one which you cannot identify with, irritation sets in very fast.

Those of us who are not camp, not fashion-conscious, and do not shop in BT's, do not necessarily feel 'threatened' by the stereotypical gays. In my own case, one of my dearest friends ticks all the boxes with a vengeance, and several others tick one or more. But they are not me.

No, we are disappointed that the television so infrequently reflects our lives back to us, while laying on the red carpet for 'Jack' and Graham Norton, both of whom I sometimes watch with amusement and pleasure. I realise that a flamboyant gay man is moreentertaining than a dull creature like myself, but you don't have to be looking into the box too long before you see many, many dull people characterized in drama and comedy.

It is NOT, repeat, NOT homophobic, internal, or otherwise, to be impatient with the stereotype. It is actually homophilic (if there is such a word) to not want to be pushed into a neat box for the amusement and entertainment of others.
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# 15 : Wednesday 14-12-2005 @ 23:46

I only did it cause I know he always rises to the bait. But he resisted this time.

Well done S4.
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