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Extra Garda Gay Liaisons Appointed
# 1 : Thursday 15-12-2005 @ 23:38
Seasons greetings to all, I am the bearer of good news for the festive season. As promised at the recent public meeting Dublin City centre Garda Stations have appointed a number of new liaison officers both north and south of the Liffey. Pearse Street, who cover the south inner city have appointed an additional Sergeant and two gardai, one of who is female. This brings the number of liaison officers in Pearse street to 2 sergeants and 3 Gardai. The northside has appointed a community policing Sergeant and two gardai based in Fitzgibbon Street, two Gardai in store Street and one in the Bridewell.(This includes two female Gardai) This brings their total to 1 Sergeant and 6 Gardai. Grand total in the city centre is 3 Sergeants and 9 Gardai.

The names and full details will be on the Garda website over the next week.
This will allow a drop in centre type arrangement to be put in place in Outhouse in the new year. These Gardai will receive specialised training in March but in the meantime they will be available to the Gay community.

Happy christmas,

Finbarr Murphy Inspector
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# 2 : Thursday 15-12-2005 @ 23:48
Good news; a positive development. Nice to see promises being kept.
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# 3 : Friday 16-12-2005 @ 00:34
Sounds great...
You'll have to excuse my ignorance, but how will these new apointments keep the streets safer for the gay/lesbian community?

I apologise in advance if this has already been discussed.
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# 4 : Friday 16-12-2005 @ 00:54
glad to hear it finbar,it was reassuring to see a strong visible garda presence in temple bar tonight,long may it continue,operation safe flow for people is far more important than operation free flow could ever be,and i work as a driver.congrats,onwards and upwards,keep the momentum,keep the confidence.
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# 5 : Friday 16-12-2005 @ 01:17
What great news, Finbar. The city is well services with gay liason garda personnel and, as a Stoneybatter resident, I am delighted to see the Bridewell included. Hooray! Btw, I hope you will be able to look in at the Gaire meet on Sat night. It would great to meet you.
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# 6 : Friday 16-12-2005 @ 10:21
Brilliant news, they should've done this long ago!

...And keep the female gards coming
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# 7 : Friday 16-12-2005 @ 10:32
What more could a guy ask for at Xmas
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# 8 : Friday 16-12-2005 @ 10:33
a 42" wide screen plasma tv

great news
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# 9 : Friday 16-12-2005 @ 10:38

...or a girl...
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# 10 : Friday 16-12-2005 @ 10:39
I think i'm with Loosey on this one!
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# 11 : Friday 16-12-2005 @ 10:42
Excellent news. I've seen a much more visible Garda presence recently - not just for freeflow but on patrols. Great to see.
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# 12 : Friday 16-12-2005 @ 12:32
Excellent PR work lets wait awhile and see how it pans out.
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# 13 : Friday 16-12-2005 @ 14:13
Hello all,
thanks for the invite on Sat, but sadly will have to pass on this one, hopefully we can meet in the new year.
Thanks for the positive response, oh and as for Tauza, well, there's always one..
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# 14 : Friday 16-12-2005 @ 14:21

Could someone oblige and post this on queerid and angrypotatoe and gcn.
I,m having difficulty driving this computer machine
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# 15 : Friday 16-12-2005 @ 14:24
Well done and it`s a huge step in making Dublin a safer place for everyone Finbarr.
Happy and safe ( and not too buisy)Christmas to yourself your Colleauges and the Familys.
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