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Emmerdale - Paul And Ivan
# 16 : Wednesday 21-12-2005 @ 14:58

Patsy Kensit is going to be joining the cast of Holby City next year when her contract finishes in Emmerdale
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# 17 : Wednesday 21-12-2005 @ 15:10
Cant see thats going to sway me to start watching it though - shame she is leaving emmerdale
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# 18 : Wednesday 21-12-2005 @ 15:39
So Shovels - what's a city boy like you doing watching a rural soap like emmerdale? must be all those hefty farmer types who turn you on?
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# 19 : Wednesday 21-12-2005 @ 15:40
get a fucking room
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# 20 : Wednesday 21-12-2005 @ 15:41
Im being stalked.....
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# 21 : Thursday 22-12-2005 @ 11:00
By who dear boy?
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# 22 : Wednesday 4-1-2006 @ 15:05
I've actually liked the past three episodes with the two of them. Ivan's perspective a lot more understandable. For everyone it isn't easy to admit their sexuality and when Paul told Diane that ivan was cracking jokes to Rodney about the idea of two guys sleeping together, I thought "huh?". Ivan was scared but he was brave enough to fight for Paul's honour aggainst those scumbag jerks on Sunday and it seems he's the one doing all the running (I haven't once seen Paul pursue him). The drag act was OTT though and the argument/outing was definitely interesting. They would make a nice couple but whether or nor Ivan will give him a second chance remains to be seen.

Nicola's reactions was freaking hilarious too..
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# 23 : Wednesday 4-1-2006 @ 16:16
I missed it so will have to watch the repeat, but I've really liked the storyline so far.

I can understand Ivan's perspective, its terrifying the thought of coming out. Its true if you sleep with a girl you're a bit of a lad, sleep with a bloke and you face the risk of being isolated from your family and friends or worse, being beaten up. Its a very real fear, particularly for guys like Ivan have only ever had one night stands with guys and never dreamed they'd end up in a relationship with one.
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# 24 : Wednesday 4-1-2006 @ 16:19

they have handled the storyline very well.. Ivan says he is bisexual but Paul says that Ivan is gay.. Emmerdale always do gay storylines well.

Did you see Rodneys face though when Paul was doing his drag act??? I feel a bit sorry for him.. it took him ages to accept that his son was gay and know he was looking at his son dressed as a woman singing 'My heart belongs to daddy'... Val was priceless as usual.. she loves the fact her son is a drag queen.
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# 25 : Wednesday 4-1-2006 @ 16:33
Val is great, she was hilarious in her court scenes a few weeks back.

"My poor Paul, doesn't know which side his bread is buttered on if ye know what I mean"

Paul: "Objection!"

Val: "Overruled pet!"
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# 26 : Wednesday 4-1-2006 @ 19:11
Have caught glimpses of it but why the fuck was a drag scene necessary - isn't it enough that there is camp as knickers Sean in Corrie without a frigging draq queen - oh Todd, come back to Corrie, I forgive you!!!
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# 27 : Wednesday 4-1-2006 @ 21:12
Not usually an Emmerdale fan but the last couple of episodes have been pretty good.
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# 28 : Wednesday 4-1-2006 @ 21:35
Viewfinder if you watched Emmerdale you would see there is a lot more to Paul's character than being a drag queen. He's not a drag queen all the time, just on rare occasions.

Paul's main storylines in the past year or so he's been on Emmerdale have been more to do with his chequered family life, his relationship with his mother and finding his Dad (Rodney) Him being gay was really only a "oh by the way" part of his character. This is the first storyline to have anything to do with his love life.
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# 29 : Thursday 5-1-2006 @ 13:57
And it's a good one though. Tuesday's big outing episode was great but Rodney chastising Paul is hypocritical he's dating younger than either of his children. I loved Val's reaction "Ivan Jones you are a dark horse" along with Nicola dropping the glasses of drinks and Laurel's saying the shock cured her hiccups. Priceless stuff. Ivan can't that bad off when you have local God-fearing conservative like Edna defending your honour.
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# 30 : Thursday 5-1-2006 @ 15:24
Very true, if you ask me someone should punch Jimmy King but he's ugly enough as it is,it would be almost an act of cruelty
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