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Emmerdale - Paul And Ivan
# 46 : Thursday 5-1-2006 @ 17:02
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# 47 : Thursday 5-1-2006 @ 17:03
Anyway back to more pleasant topics, Ivan, would you?
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# 48 : Thursday 5-1-2006 @ 17:06
I'm not sure, he's okay I guess. I'd do Paul before I'd do Ivan, but I wouldn't say no to Ivan after a few vodaks.
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# 49 : Thursday 5-1-2006 @ 17:22
no ud do ivan before paul.... paul is a really gud lookin guy tho.
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# 50 : Thursday 5-1-2006 @ 17:26
No I'd do Paul before Ivan I said.

You mean YOU'D do Ivan before Paul, right? Lol.
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# 51 : Thursday 5-1-2006 @ 18:16
Dunno the names cos never really watch it but the butcher guy with the cheeky grin is a bit of all right. The other guys voice would drive me insane.
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# 52 : Thursday 5-1-2006 @ 18:46
@Loosey Patsys Lips are all her own...have you not seen her in Leathal weapon 2 Cologen was a pipedream back then I reckon..she's looked like that for years...and may she do so for many more
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# 53 : Friday 6-1-2006 @ 16:59
Did anyone see yesterdays' ep? I caught a bit of Ivan rejecting Paul's of an apology. Nicola is beginning to be a apin in the arse. Her attraction to Ivan is implausible too.
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# 54 : Saturday 7-1-2006 @ 03:24
I think Nicola is just annoyed and a little jealous that Paul got to play tonsil tennis with her sexy lodger.
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# 55 : Saturday 7-1-2006 @ 06:10
What de f**k is all this praise for Patsy Kensit??
Never could, even back to when she was three and popping green isle peas as they came 'off the pod.' **all together now** - "fresh as the moment when the peas went POP!" Yes that was her.
She couldn't act her way out of a paper bag, her character as a super bitch was alright for a few months but now, like all those 'uber-bitch' characters (Alexis etc) its just gotten boring, and we're really just left wondering what wierd, wonderful and bizarre (and totally unrealistic) machinations the script writers can come up with for her.
HOLBY CITY are welcome to her, may she live long and prosper there, get out of the Yorkshire Dales you talentless lump of rockstar skirt!
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# 56 : Saturday 7-1-2006 @ 12:04
ahh now Cormo your being highly critical of poor old Patsy. Loved her in Bo Selecta..classic comedy. I say bring back Claire King to emmerdale
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# 57 : Saturday 7-1-2006 @ 15:45
Shovels, there'll be tears before bedtime on this one.
The woman is a TOTAL WASTE OF SPACE, better off packing shelves in Tesco, no, credit where credits due, Waitrose, she can still at least keep up her notions of upperosity.
New Sociey Starting: KPKCP
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# 58 : Saturday 7-1-2006 @ 15:50
I don't care that much for Patsy Kensit either although she is funny in Bo Selecta/A Bear's Tail.

Can't wait to see what other twist the Paul and Ivan story will take though.
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# 59 : Saturday 7-1-2006 @ 16:33
I just saw the episode where he was outed. Paul is scarily realistic as a drag queen. It was like a Thursday night at the George in the Woolpack.

The faces on everyone when Ivan and Paul were arguing in the gents was priceless. Val "Ivan Jones you're a dark horse and you better get your act together. Because you make such a lush couple!" She's brilliant.
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# 60 : Monday 9-1-2006 @ 15:32
Love that quote. The drag act was OTT but it could've been worse IMO.
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