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Emmerdale - Paul And Ivan
# 61 : Monday 9-1-2006 @ 15:44
I reckon they'll become an out and proud gay couple. All will be good for a while and then it will be revaled that Ivan has a kid or one of them will be gaybashed.
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# 62 : Monday 9-1-2006 @ 16:00
We already had thre latter and we met his wife, so unless she's hid the kid in the sock drawer, here's hoping not.

Though I have of a Paul/Ivan/Nicola/Simon quadrangle

Here's hoping this doesn't destroy the good work the writers have done with this story so far.
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# 63 : Monday 9-1-2006 @ 16:05
It could happen, a bit like when EastEnders had Simon and Tony a few years ago, Tony then went off with about three other girls. I would hope Emmerdale dont' go down this route.
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# 64 : Tuesday 10-1-2006 @ 13:49
It's a soap and sadly it's likely to affirm Ivan's bisexuality, i'm afraid.
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# 65 : Tuesday 10-1-2006 @ 14:27
Urghhh but Nicola? god I'm half expecting Simon to go on the turn.
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# 66 : Tuesday 10-1-2006 @ 14:31
Yeah, she'd be great to take out with ya wouldn't she. She'd have all the straight men begging you to take them away from her.
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# 67 : Tuesday 10-1-2006 @ 14:44
Yeh she'd be brilliant wouldn't she.

I see Ivan has done another 360 and now wants Paul, for fooks sake. Who or what changed his mind?
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# 68 : Wednesday 11-1-2006 @ 15:55
Kelly the overly tarty one did! Now she would make you head for the hills.
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# 69 : Thursday 12-1-2006 @ 14:53
Nicola Blackstock will leave Emmerdale in a storm of controversy after she makes a move on bisexual binman Ivan Jones, which will have devestating results. The storyline will lead to Nicola's exit in the soap after five years.
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# 70 : Saturday 14-1-2006 @ 16:22
I heard that. Can't wait to see it pan out.

The guy who plays Ivan was in The Hole (Thora Birch/Keira Knightley flick - nothing drug related)
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# 71 : Tuesday 17-1-2006 @ 15:15
With the shock news that the wonderful Nicola Wheeler is leaving Emmerdale, details have been emerging about her character Nicola Blackstock’s explosive exit.

With the shock news that the wonderful Nicola Wheeler is leaving Emmerdale, details have been emerging about her character Nicola Blackstock’s explosive exit.

We all know that spiteful Nicola’s relationship to the lovable Simon is in deep trouble, thanks to her crush on Ivan. But nothing will prepare you for the lengths Nicola will go to when her life starts to fall apart!

An Emmerdale insider told me: “The Blackstock family is going to have a feud to end all feuds! Nicola and Simon’s relationship hits the rocks and then she makes a move on Ivan!

“But, of course, he’s with her step-brother Paul and turns her down. But the fall out of that rejection is going to affect all of them – and Nicola won’t care who gets hurt as long as she takes her revenge!�

Ohhh, we can’t wait!

Sounds good but will it be?
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# 72 : Tuesday 17-1-2006 @ 15:17
Yeh I'm sure it will, Emmerdale are great at these type of storylines.
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# 73 : Tuesday 17-1-2006 @ 15:17
god I love her! I hope Paul dies! his "drag" shows make me want to self harm. Mu mother loves him. DISGUSTING.
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# 74 : Tuesday 17-1-2006 @ 15:22
Careful there Powdervein, you almost overreacted

Apart from his drag act, I think Paul is a great character.,
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# 75 : Tuesday 17-1-2006 @ 17:46
I'm more interested in how emmerdale will survive once Patsy Kensit leaves - the only one in it who makes it watchable
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