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2006 The Year For Pop Comebacks?
# 1 : Saturday 24-12-2005 @ 22:23
A few weeks ago Take That announced they getting back together for a tour and possible comeback album, ten years after they'd split up. Gary, Jason, Mark and the other fella have since sold out dates all over Britain and two nights in the Point in Dublin, even selling faster than their old pal Robbie.

According to Bizarre in the Sun Online (take with a pinch of salt) two more 90s pop groups are also set to make comebacks in the new year. East 17 who had a string of hits in the mid 90s until Brian was kicked out for promoting use of Cannabis, are planning a reunion of their own after much pursuasion of songwriter Brian Mortimer.

They are set to do a joint tour with...

All Saints! Mel, Shaznay, Nicole and Natalie were all spotted arriving at recording studio in London recently fuelling rumours that the girls had kissed and made up and were getting ready to record again.

All Saints had several hits, their biggest being Never Ever in 98, until their bitter split in 2001 just after their 2nd Album had been released.

Apparently the girls have since patched up their differences (and given up on their flagging solo careers) and are giving it another go.

With this in mind, how long do you guys reckon before we hear Posh and co singing zigazig ah! at Wembley?
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# 2 : Saturday 24-12-2005 @ 22:30
There was a docu type thing on Brian harvey of East 17 on tv last night. poor chap has been through the mill. I hope things work out for him (even though I hated East 17)
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# 3 : Saturday 24-12-2005 @ 22:31
zigazig ah! at Wembley?

I'll be there!

With a shotgun, a shovel and some qucklime.
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# 4 : Sunday 25-12-2005 @ 01:09
holy christ,jesus wept,deliver us from this vile evil bile.MUSIC? my arse.
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# 5 : Sunday 25-12-2005 @ 13:54
i though he was fucked up after being in a huge car crash.(the fella from east 17)
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# 6 : Sunday 25-12-2005 @ 21:59
The East 17 guy tried to kill himself twice and the car accident happened in a very strange way. It was his car that ran over him and he was the driver. I think he didn't have the hand brake on and it was in reverse when he got out and it ran over him. Something weird like that.
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# 7 : Monday 26-12-2005 @ 01:46
2006 aint gonna see no pop comeback for
me,pop just walked out on maw an me,
and he aint never comin back,looks like we got the trailer all to arselves now,mah daddys dirt.
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# 8 : Tuesday 26-12-2006 @ 13:53
Well East 17 failed to create any hype while Take That became the biggest band of 2006.

All Saints also reformed and enjoyed a little success.

With Boyzone back in 2007 I don't think it will be as big as Take That.

Spice Girls are also rumoured to return which would be HUGE even if it is only for a show!

Busted were rumoured to be coming back but Charlie has since moved to America.
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# 9 : Tuesday 26-12-2006 @ 13:57
Fair play to Gary Barlow he has to be the only dead fat singer that ever made a comeback...including Elvis.
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# 10 : Tuesday 26-12-2006 @ 13:58
Don't you be slagging of my Gary!
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# 11 : Tuesday 26-12-2006 @ 13:58
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# 12 : Tuesday 26-12-2006 @ 17:53
next year will be inteseing
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# 13 : Tuesday 26-12-2006 @ 18:09
It was great to see Take That back this year, and their concert was amazing. The only problem with comeback bands is that the public really has to want them back. In the case of Take That, it was a guaranteed success as they were massive in the 90s and it gave fans a chance to relive a bit of their youth. All Saints, on the other hand, came back with a great song but their album flopped, barely climbing into the album charts at no.40, then dropping to no.74 the following week. It was later announced their record company were scaling down their planned UK tour.
I just think sometimes these things are a novelty, which dries up pretty quick. Last year saw the Backstreet Boys reform but they have vanished once again.

I think the Spice Girls have enough power and hype to make a successful comeback, especially if they do it at the Princess concert in London. Boyzone may be lucky to latch onto that media excitement, considering both groups were around the charts at the same time.

Now, what about Steps?
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# 14 : Tuesday 26-12-2006 @ 18:10
Steps would be amazing I don't think they can stand each other thought!

Apparently H has been lined up for Celeb Big Bro and Lee enjoyed a short comeback earlier in the year in another BoyBand and then got booted out.
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# 15 : Tuesday 26-12-2006 @ 18:19
maybe rereleasing the original versions of songs that are being murdered by theses talentless new groups would be a good come back
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