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Should Ireland Apologise To The Rest Of Europe
# 1 : Wednesday 28-12-2005 @ 17:04
We had a resent tread on the board regarding if the USA should apologise to Japan for dropping nuclear weapons on it.
It got me thinking about WW2 generally and if Ireland should apologise for not getting involved in the war.
That through out the first half of the 40’s we stood back and let Main Land Europe be basically destroyed and at the same time allowing the Natzi’s
Spy on England from their embassy in Dublin.
Or basically just not doing anything, as what can easily be debated as the biggest man made disaster ever, took place on our door step
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# 2 : Wednesday 28-12-2005 @ 17:09
i dont think ireland should apologise
no way war is wrong full stop
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# 3 : Wednesday 28-12-2005 @ 17:35
Well its not as if Enola Gay refueled in Shannon ...
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# 4 : Wednesday 28-12-2005 @ 17:49
I think Ireland's position during WW2 could best be described as "neutral against the Nazis".From afar, it might now look as if we were spineless,but you should bear in mind that this was a relatively new state with, at times,democracy hanging on by just a thread.I would walk barefoot on hot coals while being force-fed on Daniel O'Donnell's music before voting FF but I still have good time for some of Dev's actions during the war such as returning all Allied soldiers to their native country upon capture(crash-landed or caught as spies,etc.) while at the same time imprisoning Nazi prisoners for the duration.He also refused to overturn decisions to execute I.R.A. convicts and that could not have been an easy decision,given that he had broken away from them just 15 years earlier.I read some time back that the Gardai also secretly co-operated on a big scale with British intelligence throughout the war.So,in summary,you would have to have regard for the prevailing mood of the country before passing judgement.
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# 5 : Wednesday 28-12-2005 @ 18:06
why is gaire turning into politics.ie
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# 6 : Wednesday 28-12-2005 @ 18:08
I would agree here, I dont think the country was really ready for a war then though we were still bombed, albeit in error..mistaking Dublin for Belfast - easily done I suppose
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# 7 : Wednesday 28-12-2005 @ 18:39
Public opinion at the time was all for neutrality, though a huge number of Irishmen joined the British Army to fight in the war. And as Jerryp pointed out, Ireland was neurtal on the side of the British ie. Germen airmen who were shot down and made their way here were interned until the war was over, while British or allied pilots were sent across the border with a nod and a wink.

There's nothing to apologise for. If people wanted to fight they had the opportunity to do so. Nobody stood in their way.
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# 8 : Wednesday 28-12-2005 @ 18:45
I seem to remember when the Berlin wall came down,intelligence files discovered by,I think,a history student showed that the bombing of Dublin was not an error but retaliation for DeV sending the Dublin fire-brigade to Belfast after it had been bombed.Can anyone verify this?
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# 9 : Wednesday 28-12-2005 @ 21:05
That suggestion is echoed in this article:
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# 10 : Wednesday 28-12-2005 @ 23:05
Had 'enola gay' refuled at Shannon airport on it's way to flatten that shower of (gotta be PC) yellow skinned bastards - I would have paid for every fucking drop of juice, myself
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# 11 : Wednesday 28-12-2005 @ 23:59
No, Irelands stance at the time was correct. Too bad this country no longer has the backbone to remain neutral.
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# 12 : Thursday 29-12-2005 @ 00:16
I think Ireland sold it's neutrality when it was told to vote again when it did not get it's vote right the first time... so much for democracy eh!!
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# 13 : Thursday 29-12-2005 @ 14:12
You might find this speech interesting:

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# 14 : Thursday 29-12-2005 @ 17:58
aint ireland netural anymore?
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# 15 : Saturday 31-12-2005 @ 14:31
Its not politics.ie
Gay bombs are a serious matter of concern.
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