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# 1 : Thursday 29-12-2005 @ 04:28
Anybody else awake? I can't seem to get on a normal sleep cycle...
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# 2 : Thursday 29-12-2005 @ 06:18
I feel for you Dedalus, I have suffered for years and years from insomnia.
No fun!
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# 3 : Thursday 29-12-2005 @ 06:31
So what do you do when you can't sleep?
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# 4 : Thursday 29-12-2005 @ 06:35
Gaire, that's why I'm an admin here!

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# 5 : Thursday 29-12-2005 @ 06:38
This insomnia is really starting to get to me.
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# 6 : Thursday 29-12-2005 @ 06:42
it used to bother me when I was over there. Over here at least there is always somewhere to have breakfast or go shopping.
go to home depot and buy supplies for your next DIY project or plants for the garden.
in dublin, it's like . shush! the country is asleep, don't make any noise! come back around half nine or ten.
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# 7 : Thursday 29-12-2005 @ 06:48
I love Dublin...no question about it, but I do miss things being open 24hrs.
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# 8 : Thursday 29-12-2005 @ 09:10
I'm an awful sufferer of insomnia-and I don't mean that I am really bad at it, I mean it has plagued me for as long as I remember. Only this past few weeks has my sleep become more restful but still there are times when I am awake for hours on end only to find myself sleeping for five minutes before having to get up for work...dammit.
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# 9 : Thursday 29-12-2005 @ 09:24
Hey Cornelscourt and Tescos are open 24 hours if you're desperate!
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# 10 : Thursday 29-12-2005 @ 09:43
Where are they, Polo?

I've been up since 2:30am....errgghh
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# 11 : Thursday 29-12-2005 @ 09:55
My ex has been going to a hypnotherapist for the last 6 months re sleeping problems and she says its helping her bigtime
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# 12 : Thursday 29-12-2005 @ 10:04
does counting sheep not work???
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# 13 : Thursday 29-12-2005 @ 10:06
Hey Dedalus71,

Sorry to hear you can't sleep, usually happens to me if I have something on my mind. What have you tried so far to help?
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# 14 : Thursday 29-12-2005 @ 10:23
I've just tried exhausting myself and drinking until I pass out.

Unfortunately some sleeping pills have the opposite affect on me and make me all jittery.

I'd be afraid that a hypnotherapist would program me to do something silly like strip down to my underwear whenever I heard a car horn or something...
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# 15 : Thursday 29-12-2005 @ 10:26
do something silly like strip down to my underwear whenever I heard a car horn or something...

You have the same fear dedalus?

I usually have the oposite problem when it comes to sleep. I can sleep anywhere. Busses and cars are my fav place ofcourse.

But sometimes i do have trouble falling asleep, i usually end up staring at the celing for half the night. As Cazbah said, that usually only happens to me when i have something serious on my mind.
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