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# 46 : Friday 30-12-2005 @ 15:30
Lol, what was a blind nun doing in a boozer
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# 47 : Friday 30-12-2005 @ 15:54
@ Flame-on

Yes indeed, it was an Irish classic. Images of the cover of that book "McCarthy's Bar" with the nun on the front drinking a pint

But it turns out she went into the pub to get a cup of coffee and a sambo. And in the pictures of her she wasn't dressed-up in the habit, just in civvies like a lot of themn these days. Wonder if she'd been wearing the full metal jacket would they have ****ed her out???
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# 48 : Friday 30-12-2005 @ 16:11
She was probably trying to turn the coffee into Guinness
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# 49 : Friday 30-12-2005 @ 21:33
The fucking bitch was under-cover eh!
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# 50 : Thursday 9-3-2006 @ 00:47
I still can't sleep.
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# 51 : Thursday 9-3-2006 @ 01:03
substitute hot chocolate for roibosch,i had both today,now im between worlds.still cant sleep,reckon if de mind cant shut down,then hard to sleep,insightful,eh?best to concentrate on resting,turn off all lights and screens,and luxuriate in silence,mmm.
btw,a hyper active imsoniac friend who claimed to never sleep,snored like a hippo on holiday,sometimes one dreams that one is awake,as i am doing now.
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# 52 : Tuesday 22-8-2006 @ 02:17
My turn tonight
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# 53 : Tuesday 22-8-2006 @ 02:25
Right there with ya Shovels....
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# 54 : Tuesday 22-8-2006 @ 13:36
i had a bad spell of insomnia there for about a month with the hot weather, sleeping for 3 hours waking up, doing the same about 3 hours later! not fun at all!!
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# 55 : Tuesday 22-8-2006 @ 13:39
Elat.... I understand all too well... I haven't had a decent nights sleep I'm I don't know how long now.
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# 56 : Tuesday 22-8-2006 @ 13:41
last night was the deepest sleep ive had in months, partly because i was near the sea. i always sleep well near the sea!!
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# 57 : Tuesday 22-8-2006 @ 13:42
I've given up on sleep....for me it started a couple of years ago...I got into the habit of staying up late and then getting up for work really early....
If I get 5 hours sleep it's a good night (and a rare one)...But I cant still function, and funtion well at that so it doesn't bother me as much anymore....
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# 58 : Tuesday 22-8-2006 @ 13:44
I can never get into a good routine when it comes to sleep! Some weeks I can be in bed by 11 and up early then others I just can't sleep at all and I'm wrecked in the morning! This only seems to happen in my house in Dublin though
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# 59 : Tuesday 22-8-2006 @ 13:46
I have to get at least 7 hours on a work night or I am cracking up with tiredness the next day. I go out on thursdays for a few drinks till about 2am but I only manage to get through the day after because its a Friday. I don't really suffer from insomnia but I do find it hard to sleep in hot weather.
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# 60 : Tuesday 22-8-2006 @ 13:49
I take spells of insomnia, but since the break up I've have very bad sleeping paterns, its hard for me to sleep on my own in a bed, something I will get used to over time I guess!
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